The Lin Collection

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Rank 32
Weighted GPA 69.000
Complete 20.37%
Set Rating 14.056
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The Lin Collection
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
97541997-W P$10$10PR69DC2188145
997651998-W P$10$10PR69DC1675103
997731999-W P$10$10PR69DC1224258
997792000-W P$10$10PR69DC1008335
997862001-W P$10$10PR69DC950155
997942002-W P$10$10PR69DC969189
9211002003-W P$10$10PR69DC733198
9211042004-W P$10$10PR69DC545210
9211082005-W P$10$10PR69DC884133
9211162006-W P$10$10PR69DC1325247
  2007-W P$10$10 
  2008-W P$10$10 
97531997-W P$25$25 
997661998-W P$25$25 
997741999-W P$25$25 
997802000-W P$25$25 
997872001-W P$25$25 
997952002-W P$25$25 
9211012003-W P$25$25 
  2004-W P$25$25 
9211092005-W P$25$25 
  2006-W P$25$25 
  2007-W P$25$25 
  2008-W P$25$25 
97521997-W P$50$50 
997671998-W P$50$50 
997751999-W P$50$50 
997812000-W P$50$50 
997882001-W P$50$50 
997962002-W P$50$50 
9211022003-W P$50$50 
9211062004-W P$50$50PR69DC512175
9211102005-W P$50$50 
  2006-W P$50$50 
  2007-W P$50$50 
  2007-W P$50 REV PR$50 
  2008-W P$50$50 
97511997-W P$100$100 
997681998-W P$100$100 
997761999-W P$100$100 
997822000-W P$100$100 
997892001-W P$100$100 
997972002-W P$100$100 
9211032003-W P$100$100 
  2004-W P$100$100 
9211112005-W P$100$100 
  2006-W P$100$100 
  2007-W P$100$100 
  2008-W P$100$100 
  2009-W P$100$100 
  2010-W P$100 $100 
  2011-W P$100$100 
  2012-W P$100$100 
  2013-W P$100$100 
  2014-W P$100$100 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.