Millennium Proof Indian Varieties

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About this set: Ahhhhhh...Proof Indians. Love the coin, love the colors.

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Millennium Proof Indian Varieties
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1864 Copper Nickel1C 
  1864 Bronze 1C 
  1864 L on Ribbon1C 
228318651CPR64RB7028Heritage Auction Sept 13 2006
228618661CPR64RB8965David Lawrence Rare Coins Mintage just 725 coins. Amazing mirrors with pre...
  1873 Closed 31C 
231018741CPR64RB10757Heritage Rare Coins
233418821CPR65RB7732Superior Rare Coin Auction Long Beach Bright and lustrous red surfaces wit...
  1886 Variety 11C 
923461886 Variety 21CPR64RB3617
235418891CPR64BN6149Heritage Rare Coins
236818931CPR64RD3834Heritage Denver Auction Aug 2006
238018971CPR64RD2224Heritage Atlanta Signature Auction 1897 1C PR64 Red PCGS. PCGS Population ...
  1909 Indian1C