El Paso Kid's Proof Ike Collection

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Rank 464
Weighted GPA 68.818
Complete 63.64%
Set Rating 37.850
%DCAM 100.00%
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About this set: Immaculate Collection of Proof Ike Dollars

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El Paso Kid's Proof Ike Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
974281971-S SILVER$1PR69DC2365623Razor Sharp Strike
974291972-S SILVER$1PR69DC1799460Full Cameo
  1973-S CLAD$1 
  1973-S SILVER$1 
974321974-S CLAD$1PR69DC141306Strong Sharp Strike and dramatic contrast between the fields and devices. M...
  1974-S SILVER$1 
  1976-S CLAD TYPE 1$1 
974351976-S CLAD TYPE 2$1PR68DC106417928Liquid Fields
974361976-S SILVER$1PR69DC2654729Light Gold, but Perfectly Even Toning
974371977-S$1PR69DC1735357Strong Sharp Strike
974381978-S$1PR69DC1913050Cameo of Ike jumps at you from how sharp a strike it is. Nearly perfect fro...