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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
4796189210CAU581661254DLRC - Beautiful coin. Not a good pic.
47971892-O10CAU5312247I made - Roger W. - Very pretty med tone.
47981892-S10CAU5010130Freedom Numismatics - pretty coin.
4800189310CMS6248196Dixie's coins.
47991893/210CAU58730Ron Hedden - very nice super struck coin.
48011893-O10CAU5813106I made - Brian Greer - Beautiful creamy satin silver.
48021893-S10CAU5817103Ed Hipps - FUN 2011 show. crossed from NGC58. Beautiful lilac toning.
4803189410CMS633776Ebay - Beautiful rainbow colors
48041894-O10CAU53450David Pike - Very nice original coin.
4806189510CAU5518111Ebay - Dave F. - very nice original med grey/brn coin.
48081895-S10CMS621768I made - DLRC - Beautiful light tone.
48111896-S10CAU58487DLRC - Very nice coin much better than their image.
4812189710CAU5850403I made - Millers Mint - Very pretty perif toning.
48131897-O10CAU551181I made - Bowers & Merena - Very nice coin.
48141897-S10CAU55698I made from Teaparty - Beautiful coin
4815189810CMS6117425Alpine - Nice coin.
48161898-O10CAU58953I made - Excelsior Coin Gallery - Very pretty toned coin,
48171898-S10CMS621042I made from Bruce Longyear (Teaparty) RPD (not listed) Below foot of "1". ...
4818189910CMS6376141Ebay - Sal Germano - Nice coin.
48191899-O10CAU55856Alpine - Pretty light toned coin.
48201899-S10CAU5816100I made - Alpine - RPD (not listed) Doubling in leg of 2nd "9". Very pretty ...
4821190010CMS6249157Alpine - Pretty coin.
48221900-O10CAU551251Norman Pullen Inc. Very nice original coin.
48231900-S10CAU5827123Freedom Numismatics - pretty coin
4824190110CMS6398148Ebay - Beautiful lt liliac pastel tone
48251901-O10CAU551669Alpine - Nice coin. Hard to find.
48261901-S10CMS62840I made from L&C coin - Bright silver with very lt golden tone
4827190210CMS644342DLRC - Nice lite golden tone.
48281902-O10CAU53887I made - New Hampshire Coins - Shimmering silver with lite toning.
48291902-S10CMS61261DLRC - very pretty gold,blue,green toned
4830190310CMS633279Freedom Numismatics - pretty coin.
48311903-O10CAU583093I made - JJ Teaparty - Nice coin.
48321903-S10CAU531080I made from Teaparty - Bright silver with very very lt gold at perif
4833190410CMS6341115Freedom Numismatics - RPD L101 0/0. Beautiful coin.
48341904-S10CAU5012103ANR - Beautiful toning
4835190510CMS6240138Freedom Numismatics - pretty tone.
48361905-O10CAU5812118I made from DLRC - Nice creamy white
948361905-O Micro O10CAU50717DLRC
48371905-S10CAU5833158Teletrade - Very nice light orange toning.
4838190610CMS6279263Teletrade - RPD L103?. Picture in book is low grade and doesn't show the re...
48391906-D10CAU5810119DLRC - Very pretty toning.
48401906-O10CAU557161J.J. Teaparty
48411906-S10CAU556106Former Mike Hayes coin. RPD 6/6 but no RPM like the FS301. Date placement i...
4842190710CMS63131190I made - Jack Beymer - RPD (not listed) Repunching inside upper loop and in...
48431907-D10CAU53984I made - Teaparty - Nice silvery luster.
48441907-O10CAU557138Ebay - Beautiful golden perif tone
48451907-S10CAU582993Teletrade - Nice pretty toned coin.
145535190810CMS6212David Lawrence.
1455411908-D10CMS6310American Collectors - STL Summer show 2012.
4850190910CMS649753Heritage - Very nice brilliant dime.
48531909-S10CAU53370Brian Greer - Very nice original coin with pretty lite toning.
4854191010CMS64125113Angel Dee - med golden olive russet tone
48551910-D10CAU58890I made - DLRC - Bright silver coin.
48561910-S10CAU551190Harbour Coin - Nice lite silver/golden tone.
4857191110CMS62171775Tilden Coins - med russet tones
48581911-D10CAU5814252I made - Claire's corner - Beautiful lt golden tone.
48591911-S10CAU557258I made - Teaparty - Nice lite golden silvery luster.
4860191210CMS64259197Teletrade - Brilliant golden luster
48611912-D10CAU5538329I made - JJ Teaparty - Nice bright white.
48621912-S10CAU5519208I made - Keith Leseure - Very nice silver coin. Looks unc.
4863191310CMS62165572Dart Coins - blast white
48641913-S10CXF4012171From the TCP III collection.
4865191410CMS63224572Teletrade - Nice coin.
48661914-D10CAU5541477I made - Keller - Beautiful rainbow tone.
4868191510CMS6285305DLRC - Nice coin for the grade.
48711916-S10CAU5857319I made - Keith Lesure - Nice toned coin.