The Kennedy Conspiracy "Proof" Set

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The Kennedy Conspiracy "Proof" Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1965 SMS50C 
  1966 SMS50C 
  1967 SMS50C 
  1976-S CLAD50C 
  1976-S SILVER50C 
  1979-S 50C 
  1981-S 50C 
968271986-S50CPR69DC5031239Purchased from tnfc.
968281987-S50CPR69DC5318356Purchased from tnfc.
968301989-S50CPR70DC3040Purchased from lccoins.
968311990-S50CPR70DC3760Purchased from chubberchub.
968341992-S SILVER50CPR70DC4920Purchased from papatcoins.
968351993-S50CPR70DC5490Purchased from chubberchub.
968361993-S SILVER50CPR70DC2940Purchased from papatcoins.
968381994-S SILVER50CPR70DC3790Purchased from lccoins.
968401995-S SILVER50CPR70DC3780Purchased from lccoins.
  1996-S SILVER50C 
968481997-S SILVER50CPR70DC3640Purchased from papatcoins.
968491998-S50CPR70DC4560Purchased from lccoins.
969091998-S SILVER50CPR70DC4410Purchased from lccoins.
969101999-S50CPR70DC2590Purchased from boraoul.
969111999-S SILVER50CPR70DC2140Purchased from gradycoins.
969132000-S SILVER50CPR70DC4160Purchased from papatcoins.
969142001-S50CPR70DC2520Purchased from lccoins.
  2001-S SILVER50C 
  2002-S SILVER50C 
  2003-S SILVER50C 
969212004-S SILVER50CPR70DC3720Purchased from
969742005-S50CPR70DC1590Purchased from boraoul.
  2005-S SILVER50C 
  2006-S SILVER50C 
  2007-S SILVER50C 
  2008-S SILVER50C 
  2009-S SILVER50C 
  2010-S SILVER50C 
  2011-S SILVER50C 
  2012-S SILVER50C 
  2013-S SILVER50C