Fishgold's Old Copper Collection

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About this set: Adding a piece of history, one date at a time. Focusing on varieties where I can (Fraction Errors/Overdates/Small Dates etc)

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Fishgold's Old Copper Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1793 Chain1C 
  1793 Wreath1C 
  1793 Cap1C 
91137417941CVF25BN13S-64 R-5 CC18 Nice and Rare! Full Die Crack in D in UNITED No Fraction Bar ...
  1796 Cap1C 
14071796 Drape1CG4BN526Bust S114 R -5- Rare Gene Michaels 4/12/10, Shawn Yancey 5/3/10
144317991CVG10BN1853S-189 R2 Sharp LIBERTY & DATE!
149718031CN1BN014VG Details LDS ex. Jack Hafner
150418041CVG10BN2178S266b R5 A beautiful example
152518071CFR2BN214S-272 R4+ Ex Yancey, JMR Smooth Planchet Strong Overdate! Rare!
3652318161CN1BN03Very Rare TDS
170218341CAU58BN22R-5+ Rare, CC#3 The Judge Gaskill:NN:50-REN-Noyes specimen.
181718391CMS64BN155N-8 ex.Heritage 2/08 CAC
193218571CMS64RB148Small Date N-4, R-1 Mike Palmer 4/30/10, Yancey 6/11/10