Copper Colored

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Copper Colored
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
24231909 VDB1CMS65BN13811
24311909 Lincoln1CMS66RD49974In an OGH.--Coin Exchange of Treasure Valley
24271909-S VDB1CMS65RB79335Very clean fields and a rather 'brassy' appearance. Full luster and no spo...
24331909-S Lincoln1CMS65RB2465Classic RB color with nice texture and a full strike. Two small cuts on th...
243519101CMS65BN363Parsippany--Tom Hyland
244219111CMS65RB769Minimal spotting with darker even RB color throughout. Well struck with th...
24451911-D1CMS65RB310Very light RB color, bordering on RD. Extremely well struck for the year a...
245119121CMS65RB602Angel Dee's
24541912-D1CMS65RB150A rather well struck coin for the year and mint with nice even light RB col...
246019131CMS64RB21748Blazing full red through the entire obverse, the RB designation arises from...
246919141CMS65RB696Gorgeous even RB color throughout. Stunningly original look. Fully struck...
247819151CMS65RB736Medium RB color throughout. Slight weakness on the reverse @11:00. One ti...
24811915-D1CMS65RB433Superbly struck for the year and mint, with a great texture to the fields. ...
248819161CMS65RD390250Fiery red toning over blazing mint red. Great luster and a decent strike. ...
249619171CMS65RB5910Well struck with a touch of flatness on the central obverse. Beautiful col...
250519181CMS65RB542Blazing full red obverse with a multicolored reverse. Nearly a full strike...
251519191CMS63RD541020Deep Brick red toning bathing both the obverse and reverse with a great str...
25251920-D1CMS65BN80A very well struck coin for the year and mint. Chocolate brown over flashe...
25351921-S1CMS65RB400Excellent luster and a stunningly original look. Nearly a full red coin de...
25381922-D1CMS65RB272Very nice surfaces with very few distractions. A very decent strike for th...
  1922 No D Strong Reverse1C 
254419231CMS66RB40Angel Dee's
256019251CMS65RD515420Deep red peripheral toning over blazing, lustrous red surfaces. Well struc...
25611925-D1CMS63BN5753Parsippany--Tom Hyland
256919261CMS65RD882601Well struck coin with pink toning over blazing mint luster. The reverse is...
25711926-D1CMS65RB221Nearly a full red obverse with a multicolored reverse. Well struck althoug...
25801927-D1CMS65RB563Exceptionally well struck and super clean surfaces. Smooth and consistent ...
258719281CMS65RD462409Super color and luster with nice texture to the fields. The only noticeabl...
259619291CMS66RD45066Blazing full red mint luster with a nice full strike. No distractions of n...
26151931-D1CMS64BN6313Nice color throughout, mainly a deep geen with touches of other colors inte...
265019361CMS66RD1808229Fully lustrous and full red, though a bit dark. Attractive concentric toni...
26531936-D1CMS66RD97197Very well struck obverse with a nice look to the fields. Light silvery ton...
26561936-S1CMS66RD42654Angel Dee's
26621937-D1CMS67RD3288Angel Dee's
266819381CMS66RD1619301Smooth flawless fields with full luster. Just a touch of color along the r...
267719391CMS67RD39311Nearly flawless fields with full luster and beautiful concentric toning on ...
26831939-S1CMS66RD2786361Very smooth fields with ample luster throughout. Just a touch of color alo...
268519401CMS66RB90Superb luster throughout with a swath of electric blue-green on the obverse...
26881940-D1CMS67RB40Parsippany--Ross Weissmann
26921940-S1CMS65RD5312375Super liquidy luster, this coin looks like it is melting which is accentuat...
27011941-S1CMS67RD2045Angel Dee's
27071942-D1CMS67RD2856Angel Dee's
272119441CMS66RB102Great luster and color with a very good strike. A slight disturbance in th...
27251944-D1CMS64RD1352828Fiery pink fields with a lime green bust give this coin an undoubtedly uniq...
27301944-S1CMS66RB321Very smooth fields with a very uniform look and superb luster. Slight mell...
273419451CMS66RD131474Eye popping color, luster, and eye appeal. Very few distraction with the m...
27401945-S1CMS66RD3722712Gorgeous color throughout with pink centers transitioning to gold and then ...
274319461CMS66RD50538Outstanding silvery pink color throughout. Very well struck with super cle...
27461946-D1CMS66RD1328156Breathtaking color and luster throughout. A few scattered ticks and very s...
275219471CMS66RD51335Superb luster blankets both the obverse and reverse with a very good strike...
27581947-S1CMS66RD1721191Full red with good luster and lime green clinging to the obverse and revers...
276119481CMS66RD43131Superb luster with very attractive 'peach fuzz' surfaces. Strong pink colo...
27721949-D1CMS66RB110Dennis King
27761949-S1CMS66RD1997205A very good strike compliments the colorful obverse toning which primarily ...
27841950-S1CMS66RB30Although no mint sets were made in 1950, this coin certainly looks like it ...
278819511CMS66RD44228Absolutely flawless obverse with super luster and tannish red color through...
27991952-D1CMS66RB40Angel Dee's
28081953-D1CMS66RB20Deep purple and vibrant green adorn both the obverse and reverse of this ge...
28211954-S1CMS67RD2062Booming luster with smooth fields adorned by light yet attractive toning. ...
282419551CMS66RD92352Good luster over nicely textured fields. Silvery purple toning over the bu...
  1955 Doubled Die Obverse1C 
28331955-S1CMS65RD16493758Eye popping bright yellow green adorns most of the obverse of this gem. Th...
28451957-D1CMS65RD10911502self made
284719581CMS66RB190Deep emerald green and pink surround subdued mint red on the obverse while ...
28501958-D1CMS66RB260A very unique 'cameo' look to the obverse. The fields are bright pink and ...
  1960 Large Date1C 
  1960 Small Date1C 
  1960-D Large Date1C 
  1960-D Small Date1C 
That's an amazing looking 1909 VDB! Nice!!!
Posted @ 5/16/2012 9:42 PM By illini420
Absolutely beautiful lincolns! I love 34, 52-D and 53-D especially!
Posted @ 11/15/2009 6:26 AM By cbrennan