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the ccsl collection
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59441999-P Delaware25CMS675212652126also mint error pcgs 1--au58 'sneezing horse' rev crack with long crack lo...
59451999-D Delaware25CMS6718621862
59461999-P Pennsylvania25CMS674731847318also mint error, pcgs ms 66
59471999-D Pennsylvania25CMS6714011401
59481999-P New Jersey25CMS673041430414
59491999-D New Jersey25CMS6717631763also mint error pcgs ms64
59501999-P Georgia25CMS6722352235also mint error pcgs graded 64 rev cracks
59511999-D Georgia25CMS6717441744
59521999-P Connecticut25CMS673882338823
59531999-D Connecticut25CMS674692246922
59542000-P Massachusetts25CMS6829422942also mint error pcgs 65 strong mechanical doubling obv and rev
59552000-D Massachusetts25CMS676063860638
59562000-P Maryland25CMS6814201420also mint errors
59572000-D Maryland25CMS677325573255
59582000-P South Carolina25CMS6829612961also mint error pcgs graded 65 obv cracks
59592000-D South Carolina25CMS6815601560
59622000-P New Hampshire25CMS68710710
59632000-D New Hampshire25CMS673512835128
59642000-P Virginia25CMS6814801480also mint error pcgs 65 struck through obv (washington head mishapen) and r...
59652000-D Virginia25CMS675111851118
59662001-P New York25CMS686261362613
59672001-D New York25CMS674631946319also pcgs mint error ms 65 ...rev two sets of fingers hold tablet
59682001-P N Carolina25CMS6860076007also mint error pcgs 66 long thin cud and crack across sand rev
59692001-D N Carolina25CMS68570570
59702001-P Rhode Island25CMS6829732973also two mint errors pcgs rev cud, and die chip in unum and minor mechanica...
59712001-D Rhode Island25CMS676954169541
140002001-P Vermont25CMS687432474324also pcgs error ms 67 ....rev crack under right tree to edge
140012001-D Vermont25CMS6812001200
140022001-P Kentucky25CMS6857075707also mint error pcgs graded
140032001-D Kentucky25CMS68420420
140042002-P Tennessee25CMS68120254120254also mint error pcgs
140052002-D Tennessee25CMS6817101710
140062002-P Ohio25CMS68166640166640also mint error pcgs 63 large die crack obv and rev
140072002-D Ohio25CMS6831703170
140082002-P Louisiana25CMS68124443124443also mint error pcgs
140092002-D Louisiana25CMS68940940
140102002-P Indiana25CMS68108030108030also mint error pcgs 65 die cracks from state tip to rim
140112002-D Indiana25CMS6816101610
140122002-P Mississippi25CMS6855385538also mint error pcgs 67 die clash leaf on washington's neck
140132002-D Mississippi25CMS6812001200
140142003-P Illinois25CMS68240240also mint error pcgs
140152003-D Illinois25CMS675241752417
140162003-P Alabama25CMS6728932893also mint error pcgs 64 rev strong mechanical doubling
140172003-D Alabama25CMS676283162831
140182003-P Maine25CMS673052130521also mint error pcgs 64, die chip in motto
140192003-D Maine25CMS6742194219
140202003-P Missouri25CMS6742964296also pcgs error ms 66, wide crack to rim rev, neck to rim obverse
140212003-D Missouri25CMS68510510
140222003-P Arkansas25CMS673991839918
140232003-D Arkansas25CMS68920920
140242004-P Michigan25CMS6814611461
140252004-D Michigan25CMS68102626102626
140262004-P Florida25CMS68571571also mint error pcgs 65 die cracks obv (2) and rev(1)
140272004-D Florida25CMS6852475247
140282004-P Texas25CMS6810111011
140292004-D Texas25CMS688052580525
140302004-P Iowa25CMS673182031820also mint error pcgs graded ms 65 rev die chip and hairline crack
140312004-D Iowa25CMS685671056710
140322004-P Wisconsin25CMS672661326613also mint error pcgs graded ms 64+
140332004-D Wisconsin25CMS683721837218
140342005-P California25CMS672981229812also pcgs error, ms 67
140352005-D California25CMS673562035620
140362005-P Minnesota25CMS67172822411also several mint errors DDR-024 pcgs ms 64 and extra tree 001, pcgs ms 65,...
140372005-D Minnesota25CMS672481825418
140382005-P Oregon25CMS671721617216
140392005-D Oregon25CMS672501525015
140402005-P Kansas25CMS6719911991also mint error 'extra hump' rev pcgs ms 66 and pcgs die cracks obv and rev
140412005-D Kansas25CMS673681436814
140422005-P West Virginia25CMS6719721972also mint error pcgs
140432005-D West Virginia25CMS672511125111
390202006-P Nevada25CMS6725612561also mint error pcgs 65 die clash rev and obv...central horse's mane, borde...
390212006-D Nevada25CMS673951439514
390222006-P Nebraska25CMS6724542454also mint errors, two pcgs ms 66 reverse die chips next to chimney rock as...
390232006-D Nebraska25CMS673391633916
390242006-P Colorado25CMS672401824018also mint error pcgs 64 large cud rev and die chip rev
390252006-D Colorado25CMS672381123811
390262006-P North Dakota25CMS6717111711also mint error pcgs ms 64, large chip rev bottom of grass, chips on hair ...
390272006-D North Dakota25CMS6729222922
390282006-P South Dakota25CMS6716061606also mint errors pcgs 66 and 64, rev die chip in washington's eye, sm crack...
390292006-D South Dakota25CMS672072620726also mint error in pcgs ms 64, crack through america
390302007-P Montana25CMS6716501650also mint error ms 65 die clash, outline of rev on washington neck obv., ob...
390312007-D Montana25CMS671861518615
390322007-P Washington25CMS6729432943also mint error, pcgs ms 64 reverse die chip at peak of mt rainier like an ...
390332007-D Washington25CMS6723012301
390342007-P Idaho25CMS6714501450also mint error pcgs 64 large crack obv and rev
390352007-D Idaho25CMS672632226322
390362007-P Wyoming25CMS6710341034also mint error.......die clash obv and rev and die chips rev
390372007-D Wyoming25CMS6717091709
390382007-P Utah25CMS6713701370
390392007-D Utah25CMS6716971697
390402008-P Oklahoma25CMS6723612361obv mechanically doubled, also mint error pcgs graded, die clash
390412008-D Oklahoma25CMS671741517415
390422008-P New Mexico25CMS6716711671also mint errors, pcgs graded ms 65 multiple die chips, state border cracks...
390432008-D New Mexico25CMS6721072107
390442008-P Arizona25CMS6727322732also mint errors pcgs......
390452008-D Arizona25CMS6719471947also mint error pcgs ms 65 extra cactus ....over initials rare on D
390462008-P Alaska25CMS6725202520also mint error pcgs
390472008-D Alaska25CMS6717041704
390482008-P Hawaii25CMS6725202520also mint errors, pcgs doubled obv and rev, letters very thick, 'extra isla...
390492008-D Hawaii25CMS6718801880