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Barber Dimes Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1892-1916): Dimeman's Barber Dimes

Dimeman's Barber Dimes

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About this set: While this collection will never compete for the top spot it has been a real challange to complete in these grades. The set is complete and my goal to have all coins in AU50 or better has been accomplished. The coins not listed here are either raw or in other holders. My goal is to get all the coins into PCGS holders and in this Registry. My ultimate goal is to have all dimes from 1796 to present in the Registry.
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Dimeman's Barber Dimes
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
4796189210CAU5819613491961350DLRC - Beautiful coin. Not a good pic.
47971892-O10CAU531526216267I made - Roger W. - Very pretty med tone.
47981892-S10CAU501014510145Freedom Numismatics - pretty coin.
4800189310CMS625024254269Dixie's coins.
48011893-O10CAU581411214112I made - Brian Greer - Beautiful creamy satin silver.
48021893-S10CAU581811019114Ed Hipps - FUN 2011 show. crossed from NGC58. Beautiful lilac toning.
4803189410CMS6338803880Ebay - Beautiful rainbow colors
48041894-O10CAU53561561David Pike - Very nice original coin.
4806189510CAU551913519135Ebay - Dave F. - very nice original med grey/brn coin.
48081895-S10CMS6219732073I made - DLRC - Beautiful light tone.
48111896-S10CAU58682682DLRC - Very nice coin much better than their image.
4812189710CAU585242152421I made - Millers Mint - Very pretty perif toning.
48131897-O10CAU5512851285I made - Bowers & Merena - Very nice coin.
48141897-S10CAU55793793I made from Teaparty - Beautiful coin
4815189810CMS611844518445Alpine - Nice coin.
48161898-O10CAU58955955I made - Excelsior Coin Gallery - Very pretty toned coin,
48171898-S10CMS6212501250I made from Bruce Longyear (Teaparty) RPD (not listed) Below foot of "1". ...
4818189910CMS638414684146Ebay - Sal Germano - Nice coin.
48191899-O10CAU55979980Alpine - Pretty light toned coin.
48201899-S10CAU581611816118I made - Alpine - RPD (not listed) Doubling in leg of 2nd "9". Very pretty ...
4821190010CMS625216452164Alpine - Pretty coin.
48221900-O10CAU5513551355Norman Pullen Inc. Very nice original coin.
48231900-S10CAU582713427134Freedom Numismatics - pretty coin
4824190110CMS63100171100171Ebay - Beautiful lt liliac pastel tone
48251901-O10CAU5517711874Alpine - Nice coin. Hard to find.
48261901-S10CMS62740740I made from L&C coin - Bright silver with very lt golden tone
4827190210CMS6447614761DLRC - Nice lite golden tone.
48281902-O10CAU5818611861David Kahn.
48291902-S10CMS61264264DLRC - very pretty gold,blue,green toned
4830190310CMS6333723372Freedom Numismatics - pretty coin.
48311903-O10CAU5832973297I made - JJ Teaparty - Nice coin.
48321903-S10CAU5310811081I made from Teaparty - Bright silver with very very lt gold at perif
4833190410CMS634312343123Freedom Numismatics - RPD L101 0/0. Beautiful coin.
48341904-S10CAU501210512105ANR - Beautiful toning
4835190510CMS624414344143Freedom Numismatics - pretty tone.
48361905-O10CAU581312120128I made from DLRC - Nice creamy white
48371905-S10CAU583817038170Teletrade - Very nice light orange toning.
4838190610CMS628628286282Teletrade - This RPD is not listed in David Lawrences' book. 9 has repunchi...
48391906-D10CAU581114511145DLRC - Very pretty toning.
48401906-O10CAU55916910169J.J. Teaparty
48411906-S10CAU5561126112Former Mike Hayes coin. RPD 6/6 but no RPM like the FS301. Date placement i...
4842190710CMS63138214138214I made - Jack Beymer - RPD (not listed) Repunching inside upper loop and in...
48431907-D10CAU5310791079I made - Teaparty - Nice silvery luster.
48441907-O10CAU5571477147Ebay - Beautiful golden perif tone
48451907-S10CAU5832923292Teletrade - Nice pretty toned coin.
145535190810CMS621368302David Lawrence.
1455411908-D10CMS63103375American Collectors - STL Summer show 2012.
4850190910CMS6499579957Heritage - Very nice brilliant dime.
48531909-S10CAU53375375Brian Greer - Very nice original coin with pretty lite toning.
4854191010CMS64134129134129Angel Dee - med golden olive russet tone
48551910-D10CAU5810941094I made - DLRC - Bright silver coin.
48561910-S10CAU5513961396Harbour Coin - Nice lite silver/golden tone.
4857191110CMS62192838192838Tilden Coins - med russet tones
48581911-D10CAU582126221262I made - Claire's corner - Beautiful lt golden tone.
48591911-S10CAU5592679267I made - Teaparty - Nice lite golden silvery luster.
4860191210CMS64279218279218Teletrade - Brilliant golden luster
48611912-D10CAU554235342353I made - JJ Teaparty - Nice bright white.
48621912-S10CAU552021820218I made - Keith Leseure - Very nice silver coin. Looks unc.
4863191310CMS62181617181617Dart Coins - blast white
48641913-S10CXF401318813188From the TCP III collection.
4865191410CMS63238594238594Teletrade - Nice coin.
48661914-D10CAU554951249512I made - Keller - Beautiful rainbow tone.
4868191510CMS628934989349DLRC - Nice coin for the grade.
48701916 Barber10CMS63379564379564
48711916-S Barber10CAU586734167341I made - Keith Lesure - Nice toned coin.