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Platinum Eagles $10, Proof (1997-present): schdy2greenbelt


Young Numismatist

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Rank 19
Weighted GPA 69.500
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 69.500
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About this set: This is my "pride and joy" set as a Young Numismatist. Years after watching the fun my dad has from his silver classic commemorative set, I wanted to start a set of my own. This is the culmination of my efforts although I continue to seek PQ upgrades where appropriate. I do not purchase already slabbed coins. Instead, I get 3 or 4 raw coins. I grade them and submit the one I believe will receive the highest grade. My ultimate goal is that I remain the highest ranking Young Numismatist for this set in the world! Most importantly, this set is dedicated to my mom who has courageously fought breast cancer.

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Owner's Comments
97541997-W$10PR69DC22181482218148The first of the platinum proofs and the only one to copy the soaring eagle...
997651998-W$10PR69DC17111141711114Who cannot have their breathe taken away when viewing the eagle soaring in ...
997731999-W$10PR69DC12522701252270I think this year's coin has the most artistic of all the eagles in the ser...
997792000-W$10PR69DC10243531024353In 2000, the reverse comes as close as it is possible to being half proof a...
997862001-W$10PR70DC17101710Perfection! I knew it when I first laid eyes on it and it was confirmed by...
997942002-W$10PR69DC984207984207The platinum proof series is highlighted and uniquely expressed by the reve...
9211002003-W$10PR69DC751208751208If there were one reverse that I believe should have been considered for th...
9211042004-W$10PR69DC554225554226The rarest of the platinum proofs to date brings us the "dual design" on th...
9211082005-W$10PR69DC890138891138I realize that platinum coins, particularly platinum proofs, are among the ...
9211162006-W$10PR69DC13352551587293What a cameo on the reverse! Stunning, breathtaking, patriotic and so much ...
1495732007-W$10PR70DC20802650I am going to speak about both the 2007-W and the 2008-W in this comment as...
3930862008-W$10PR70DC41504540I knew the moment I looked at this coin, without even a loupe of any power:...