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Eisenhower Dollars Complete Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (1971-1978): 19Lyds Complete Varieties Ike Set

19Lyds Complete Varieties Ike Set

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About this set: This set is comprised of all the coins which PCGS currently attributes for the Eisenhower Business Strike Coins. There are many more significant varieties available for the Eisenhower Dollar Series but these are not currently being attributed by PCGS. The 1971-S Silver DDO-004/DDR-021, considered a fine example of Class 1 Rotated Hub Doubling is but one of those varieties. The 1971-D Friendly Eagle Reverse (RDV-006) is yet another not to mention the many PegLeg Varieties which exist in the series. Many are Die State Varieties similar to the Morgan Dollar VAM coins. There are even Denver coins from 1971 which were struck on Proof Planchets and offer Proof Like mirrors on Business Strike coins. Another Die State Variety are the many Single, Double and Triple Talon Head coins on both Cn Clad as well as Silver Business Strike coins, not to mention the many DDO and DDR coins which also exist within the series. Another Variety currently being discovered are significant RPM's such as the 1971-D/D and 1973-D/D coins. The Eisenhower Dollar Series offers many more varieties than what is presented here and hopefully this set will encourage folks to sit down and seriously examine their coins as many NEW varieties have been discovered in just the past 10 years.

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19Lyds Complete Varieties Ike Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
74061971$1MS66657657Steel Blue with golden toned rims.
5099511971-D Type 1 Friendly Eagle FS-901$1MS66252252Friendly Eagle Variety (RDV-006)
74071971-D Type 2 Reverse$1MS66+26272627
74081971-S SILVER$1MS6753985398Very Nice DDO-004/DDR-021 from Teletrade.
1484051971-S SILVER Peg Leg FS-401$1MS66321321The 1971-S PegLeg 40% Silver Eisenhower is considered rare by many IKE Coll...
3964771971-S/S SILVER RPM FS-501$1MS66362362
874091972 TYPE 1$1MS6545894589
974091972 TYPE 2 FS-901$1MS6591249224
74091972 TYPE 3$1MS654772647726
74111972-S SILVER$1MS68177340177340
74121973$1MS6611441144A few minor marks keeps this coin from a higher grade. Thanks to James Sego...
74131973-D$1MS663112431124Heritage Coin
74141973-S SILVER$1MS6890099009A Homemade Original
74151974$1MS6616691669A home grown gem!
74171974-S SILVER$1MS681093610936
74181976 TYPE 1$1MS655853258532
74191976 TYPE 2$1MS664742547425
74201976-D TYPE 1$1MS663071630716Heritage
74211976-D TYPE 2$1MS668774187741
74221976-S SILVER$1MS6875007500Heritage Coin