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About this set: I started this 2003 for my wife Nancy. I wanted to get the best set I could for her. I thought this would be a good way to leave her something when I am gone. It has been a ball giving me something to do all day watching Ebay looking for coins I can afford. I have some coins that are available that I have upgraded. Anyone who has a set on PCGS can email me to see if I have what ever you want.I also would like to hear from any of you that have coins I need in this set. Thank you very much from Don and Nancy!

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Nancy's Best
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
6706196450CMS66115856See Picture
1478461964 DDO FS-10250CMS643747See Picture
3913851964 DDR FS-80150C 
  1964 SMS50C 
67071964-D50CMS6652044See Picture
1460111964-D DDO FS-10150CMS62657See Picture
967071964-D TDO FS-10350CMS6540See Picture
3903171964-D DDO FS-10450C 
1453631964-D QDO FS-10550CMS65162See Picture
3903161964-D DDO FS-10650C 
1478191964-D DDO FS-10850CMS642610See Picture
1460761964-D/D RPM FS-50150CMS631856See Picture
1460771964-D/D RPM FS-50250CAU55131See Picture
1460781964-D/D RPM FS-50350CMS642812See Picture
5105811964-D/D RPM FS-50450C 
6708196550CMS6611618see picture nice toning.
5105791965 DDR FS-80250C 
6709196650CMS66646See Picture
1460501966 DDO FS-10150C 
6710196750CMS6611216See Picture
3913901967 DDO FS-10250C 
5105781967 DDO FS-10350C 
3913911967 DDR FS-80150C 
67111968-D50CMS6636941See Picture
3913071968-D TDO FS-10150C 
67121969-D50CMS661299See Picture
67131970-D50CMS6644629See Picture
6716197150CMS66989See Picture
67171971-D50CMS671937See Picture
1460511971-D DDO FS-10150CMS65328See Picture
1460521971-D DDO FS-10250CAU58262
6718197250CMS6614514See Picture
1478501972 DDO FS-10150C 
67191972-D50CMS67831See Picture
1478881972-D No "FG" FS-90150CAU5875
6720197350CMS6612332See Picture
67211973-D50CMS67540See Picture
1478871973-D DDO FS-10150CMS6423See Picture
6722197450CMS6612610See Picture
67231974-D50CMS6619129See Picture
967231974-D DDO FS-10150CMS65869See Picture
67261976 Clad50CMS668314See Picture
67271976-D Clad50CMS6624132See Picture
67281976-S Silver50CMS683851See Picture
67291976-S Silver DDO FS-10150C 
6731197750CMS6616635See Picture
5105641977-D DDO FS-10150C 
6733197850CMS6616628See Picture
67341978-D50CMS6614629See Picture
6735197950CMS67461See Picture
67361979-D50CMS6616335See Picture
67371980-P50CMS671690See Picture
67381980-D50CMS667035See Picture
67391981-P50CMS6612926See Picture
67401981-D50CMS668324See Picture
67411982-P50CMS6620411See Picture
5105681982-P No "FG" FS-90150C 
67421982-D50CMS6617420See Picture
67431983-P50CMS669719See Picture
67441983-D50CMS672910See Picture
67451984-P50CMS6612425See Picture
67461984-D50CMS6610413See Picture
67471985-P50CMS67541See Picture
67481985-D50CMS67842See Picture
67491986-P50CMS67543See Picture
67501986-D50CMS671364See Picture
67511987-P50CMS67821See Picture
67521987-D50CMS671457See Picture
67531988-P50CMS67570See Picture
67541988-D50CMS671721See Picture
67551989-P50CMS67490Thanks Garry Hoop
67561989-D50CMS67691See Picture
67571990-P50CMS67370See Picture
67581990-D50CMS6614012See Picture
67591991-P50CMS67532Thanks Pine Valley Coins
67601991-D50CMS6613828See Picture
67611992-P50CMS671547See Picture
67621992-D50CMS671513See Picture
67631993-P50CMS671010See Picture
67641993-D50CMS671003See Picture
67651994-P50CMS671437See Picture
67661994-D50CMS67552See Picture
67671995-P50CMS671116See Picture
67681995-D50CMS67947See Picture
67691996-P50CMS68530Thanks to William Bodlander
67701996-D50CMS6736021See Picture
67711997-P50CMS67957See Picture
67721997-D50CMS67604See Picture
67731998-P50CMS671217See Picture
67741998-D50CMS67732See Picture
67751998-S SMS50CSP703100See Picture
67761999-P50CMS6746830See Picture
67771999-D50CMS673428See Picture
67782000-P50CMS6724921See Picture
67792000-D50CMS67601See Picture
67802001-P50CMS681892See Picture
67812001-D50CMS68450See Picture
67822002-P50CMS681100See Picture
67832002-D50CMS6727812See Picture
67842003-P50CMS671786See Picture
67852003-D50CMS671463See Picture
67862004-P50CMS67594See Picture
67872004-D50CMS6740527See Picture
67882005-P50CMS6851See Picture
967882005-P Satin Finish50CSP695597See Picture
67892005-D50CMS67275See Picture
967892005-D Satin Finish50CSP684040See Picture
67902006-P50CMS68160See Picture
967902006-P Satin Finish50CSP69940See Picture
67912006-D50CMS67810See Picture
967912006-D Satin Finish50CSP69310See Picture
1495302007-P50CMS68371See Picture
1495312007-P Satin Finish50CSP691670See Picture
1495322007-D50CMS67584See Picture
1495332007-D Satin Finish50CSP692421See Picture
3949392008-P50CMS671926See Picture
3949402008-P Satin Finish50CSP69100See Picture
3949412008-D50CMS67250See Picture
3949422008-D Satin Finish50CSP682733See Picture
4072772009-P50CMS67594See Picture
4072782009-P Satin Finish50CSP6841525
4072792009-D50CMS67240See Picture
4072802009-D Satin Finish50CSP6845923
4167852010-P 50CMS671956
4167902010-P Satin Finish50CSP683503
4167912010-D Satin Finish50CSP684873
  2014-P CLAD50C 
  2014-P CLAD 1964 Reverse50C 
  2014-D CLAD50C 
  2014-D CLAD 1964 Reverse50C 
  2014-D SILVER50C 
  2014-S SILVER50C 
968001964 PR50CPR68DC26581See Picture
1474951964 DDO FS-101 PR50CPR68152See Picture
  1964 DDO FS-104 PR50C 
  1964 QDO FS-105 PR50C 
868011964 Accented Hair FS-401 PR50CPR68CA1028Thanks Mike See Picture
  1964 Accented Hair DDO FS-103 PR50C 
  1964 Accented Hair DDR FS-802 PR50C 
868451965 SMS50CSP67CA1626See Picture
  1965 SMS DDR FS-80150C 
868461966 SMS50CSP67CA28813See Picture
1454261966 SMS No "FG" FS-90150CSP655027See Picture
  1966 SMS DDO FS-10250C 
1460441966 SMS DDO FS-10350CSP668176See Picture
  1966 SMS DDO FS-105 50C 
  1966 SMS DDO FS-10450C 
  1966 SMS DDO FS-10650C 
968471967 SMS50CSP67DC8210See Picture
  1967 SMS QDO FS-10150C 
968041968-S PR50CPR69DC34316See Picture
1487001968-S DDO FS-101 PR50CPR64128See Picture
  1968-S DDR FS-801 PR50C 
  1968-S Inverted Mintmark FS-511 PR50C 
968051969-S PR50CPR69DC5901See Picture
968061970-S PR50CPR69DC2500See Picture
1460641970-S DDO FS-101 PR50CPR65319See Picture
  1970-S DDO FS-102 PR50C 
968071971-S PR50CPR68DC27166See Picture
1478791971-S DDO FS-101 PR50CPR67CA64See Picture
1487461971-S DDO FS-102 PR50CPR66CA14See Picture
  1971-S DDO FS-103 PR50C 
  1971-S DDR FS-801 PR50C 
968081972-S PR50CPR69DC6420See Picture
968091973-S PR50CPR69DC681424See Picture
968101974-S PR50CPR69DC831637See Picture
968111976-S CLAD PR50CPR69DC1733567See Picture
  1976-S CLAD DDR FS-801 PR50C 
968121976-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC25458156See Picture
968151977-S PR50CPR70DC3050See Picture
968161978-S PR50CPR70DC5750See Picture
968181979-S TYPE 1 PR50CPR70DC4570See Picture
968191979-S TYPE 2 FS-501 PR50CPR69DC4980267See Picture
968201980-S PR50CPR70DC3520See Picture
968211981-S TYPE 1 PR50CPR70DC3270See Picture
968221981-S TYPE 2 FS-501 PR50CPR69DC205463See Picture
968231982-S PR50CPR70DC2690See Picture
968241983-S PR50CPR70DC3760Thanks Compucheap
968251984-S PR50CPR70DC1940See Picture
968261985-S PR50CPR70DC3240See Picture
968271986-S PR50CPR70DC3420See Picture
968281987-S PR50CPR70DC4720See Picture
968291988-S PR50CPR70DC3340See Picture
  1988-S DDO FS-101 PR50C 
968301989-S PR50CPR70DC3700See Picture
968311990-S PR50CPR70DC4560See Picture
968321991-S PR50CPR70DC8560See Picture
968331992-S PR50CPR70DC6850See Picture
968341992-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC6480See Picture
  1992-S SILVER DDO FS-101 PR50C 
968351993-S PR50CPR70DC6740See Picture
968361993-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4410See Picture
968371994-S PR50CPR70DC7290See Picture
968381994-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC5300See Picture
968391995-S PR50CPR70DC5820Thanks LC Coins
968401995-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC5230See Picture
968411996-S PR50CPR70DC5110Thanks LC Coins
968421996-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC3900Thanks Heritage Auction
968431997-S PR50CPR70DC5080See Picture
968481997-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC5190See Picture
968491998-S PR50CPR70DC6140See Picture
969091998-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC6430See Picture
969101999-S PR50CPR70DC3370Thanks Mark Di Lauro
969111999-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC3100See Picture
969122000-S PR50CPR70DC3600See Picture
969132000-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC5140Thanks to Shawn and Debora Barr
969142001-S PR50CPR70DC3000See Picture
969152001-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4410See Picture
969162002-S PR50CPR70DC4690See Picture
969172002-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC6060Thanks LC Coins
969182003-S PR50CPR70DC3690See Picture
969192003-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4340Thanks Michael Turner
969202004-S PR50CPR70DC2900See Picture
969212004-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4590See Picture
969742005-S PR50CPR70DC2080See Picture
969752005-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC5520See Picture
969762006-S PR50CPR70DC2430See Picture
969772006-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4170Thanks
1495582007-S PR50CPR70DC1490See Picture
1495612007-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC3130See Picture
3949522008-S PR50CPR70DC1850See Picture
3949552008-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4160See Picture
4072832009-S PR50CPR70DC3640See Picture
4072862009-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC4200See Picture
4191232010-S PR50CPR70DC2530
4167892010-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC9300
5051992011-S PR50CPR70DC1110
5052002011-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC6170
5118782012-S PR50CPR70DC300
5118792012-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC2970
  2013-S PR50C 
  2013-S SILVER PR50C 
  2014-P SILVER PR50C 
  2014-S CLAD PR50C 
  2014-S SILVER PR50C 
  2014-W SILVER PR50C 
  2014-W GOLD PR50C