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About this set: This set will hopefully explore 8R coinage in terms of offering quality original examples

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Felipe V (Philip V) 1732-1747   8 R 
Fernando VI (Ferdinand VI) 1747-1760   8 R 
Carlos III (Charles III) 1760-1771 - Milled Pillar Type   8 R 
Carlos III (Charles III) 1772-1773 - Milled Bust Type - Inverted Assayer / Mint Mark   8 R 
Carlos III (Charles III) 1773-1789 - Normal Assayer / Mint Mark   8 R 
Carlos IIII (Charles IIII) 1789-1790 - Bust of Carlos III   8 R 
Carlos IIII (Charles IIII) 1791-1808 - Armoured Bust of Carlos IIII5132511801-Mo FT8 RAU501231190This example (1801) looks original and attractive for the grade
Fernando VII (Ferdinand VII) 1808-1811 - Armoured Bust of Ferdinand VII5132831810-Mo HJ8 RAU50317685
Fernando VII (Ferdinand VII) 1811-1821 - Draped Bust of Ferdinand VII   8 R 
Empire of Agustin de Iturbide 1822-1823   8 R 
Republic - Profile Eagle (Hook-Neck Eagle) 1823-1824   8 R 
Republic - Cap and Rays, Facing Eagle - 1824-18975194971845-Mo MF8 RMS624296216This 1845 Mo was selected because of the wonderful original color- a little...