The Cumberland Valley Collection

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Rank 9
Weighted GPA 36.368
Complete 31.34%
Set Rating 10.212
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The Cumberland Valley Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
13411793 Chain1CF15BN28126Sheldon 3.A very clean and problem free coin,superior to most in a F-15 hol...
13471793 Wreath1CVF25BN29184Sheldon 9. Purchased at the 1993 ANA.
  1793 Cap1C 
13921796 Cap1CF15BN1487Sheldon 89. Purchased from Victor A. Bozarth in January 1995.
14011796 Drape1CVF25BN826Sheldon 93.A very clean coin.Purchased from John T. Gervasoni at the 1997 A...
147018021CAU53BN1041Sheldon 237. Die crack from rim through N in UNITED to lowest left leaf thr...
151018051CVF30BN2597Sheldon 268.Purchased at the 1989 FUN show.
157318141CXF40BN20131Sheldon 295.Die crack from rim through 8 in the date through the end of the...
160018181CAU58BN82340Newcomb 10.A Randall hoard coin.Obverse die crack connects the inner points...
160618191CAU55BN863Newcomb 8.A Randall hoard coin.Purchased at the 1989 FUN show.
169618331CAU58BN3058Newcomb 6.Reverse die crack through bases of ICA to ribbon ends to bases of...
172618361CAU58BN2664Newcomb 3.This coin still has abundant faded mint red.Rim cud above 6th sta...
173518371CAU50BN17151Newcomb 7.Die break on reverse from rim above S through TATES OF to rim abo...
187718471CAU58BN42148Newcomb 6.Purchased from Doug Bird at the 1996 GCNE show.
188318481CAU58BN46149Newcomb 22. Nice reflective surface on the obverse. Purchased from Doug Bir...
188918501CAU55BN41326Newcomb 12.Purchased from S&S Associates at the 1996 GCNE show.
189218511CAU58BN94438Newcomb 7. Traces of mint red around LIBERTY. Purchased from Coast to Coast...
189818521CAU55BN49564Newcomb 19.Purchased from Teletrade in April 2010.
190118531CAU55BN93670Newcomb 3.Purchased from Blue Chip Numismatics at the 1987 Kentucky State N...
190418541CMS61BN4315Newcomb 25. Beautiful light chocolate brown.Purchased from Doug Bird as AU-...
190718551CAU58BN55319Newcomb 7.Purchased from Teletrade's April 2010 Lakeside sale.
191918561CAU55BN53351Newcomb 8.Purchased from Teletrade in November 2010.