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Silver Commemoratives 50 Piece Type Set, Circulation Strikes (1892-1954): Rush Family Collection

Rush Family Collection

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Weighted GPA 66.238
Complete 90.00%
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Rush Family Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
9220ISABELLA 25C25CMS662257322573Legend, 6-2015 CAC
9227ALBANY 50C50CMS671741917419Heritage auction, 11-2013
9229ANTIETAM 50C50C 
9242ARKANSAS 50C50CMS6730827045Heritage auction, 3-2014
9254BAY BRIDGE 50C50CMS651832111518321115Bowers and Merena (when QDB ran the company)
9267BOONE 50C50CMS67356800121Pinnacle, 10-2014
9422BOOKER T WASHINGTON 50C50CMS6764572054Heritage auction, 8-2014 CAC
9279BRIDGEPORT 50C50CMS67845845Heritage auction, 2-2016 CAC
9281CALIFORNIA 50C50CMS671131411314Heritage auction, 5-2016 CAC
9284CINCINNATI 50C50CMS66+23584476Heritage auction, 3-2014 CAC
9288CLEVELAND 50C50CMS66677111677111Bowers and Merena (when QDB ran the company)
9292COLUMBIA 50C50CMS671984638373DHRC, 12-2004
9296COLUMBIAN 50C50CMS66+31385868Heritage auction, 9-2014 CAC
9299CONNECTICUT 50C50CMS6512857141285714Bowers and Merena (when QDB ran the company)
9301DELAWARE 50C50CMS671251812518Pinnacle, 10-2015 CAC
9303ELGIN 50C50CMS672073820738Heritage auction, 11-2013
9305GETTYSBURG 50C50CMS66708140708140Heritage auction, 2-2007
9306GRANT 50C50CMS65793367956423Bowers and Merena (when QDB ran the company)
9309HAWAIIAN 50C50CMS65528118528118Bowers and Merena (when QDB ran the company)
9312HUDSON 50C50CMS66+24192419Heritage auction, 9-2014 CAC
9314HUGUENOT 50C50CMS663728537285Whitlow
9316IOWA 50C50CMS662922102929221029Bowers and Merena (when QDB ran the company)
9318LEXINGTON 50C50CMS663795337953Anaconda, 12-2007
9320LINCOLN 50C50CMS66514160514160Whitlow
9322LONG ISLAND 50C50CMS67745745Heritage auction, 1-2016
9324LYNCHBURG 50C50CMS6513617891361789Bowers and Merena (when QDB ran the company)
9326MAINE 50C50CMS66+28452845Heritage auction, 6-2014 CAC
9328MARYLAND 50C50CMS67646646Legend, 4-2015 CAC
9331MISSOURI 50C50CMS653104158999Heritage auction, 8-2013
9333MONROE 50C50CMS6686188618Heritage auction, 6-2013
9335NEW ROCHELLE 50C50CMS671924819649Heritage auction, 7-2013
9337NORFOLK 50C50CMS681891318913Heritage auction, 8-2014 CAC
9347OREGON 50C50CMS6851416924Pinnacle, 5-2015
9357PANAMA PACIFIC 50C50CMS6785158515DHRC, 8-2015
9363RHODE ISLAND 50C50CMS6752114612GreatCollections, 6-2016 CAC
9367ROANOKE 50C50CMS67+54185418Heritage auction, 6-2016 CAC
9369ROBINSON 50C50CMS67795795Heritage auction, 11-2012
9371SAN DIEGO 50C50CMS671722726747Heritage auction, 12-2013
9374SESQUI 50C50CMS653581935819Bowers and Merena (when QDB ran the company)
9376SPANISH TRAIL 50C50CMS671481414814Heritage auction, 10-2013 CAC
9378STONE MOUNTAIN 50C50CMS67+178178Pinnacle, 5-2016
9395TEXAS 50C50CMS67+20218960Heritage auction, 5-2015 CAC
9401VERMONT 50C50CMS65986542986542Bowers and Merena (when QDB ran the company)
9434WASHINGTON CARVER 50C50CMS67205697Heritage auction, 7-2016 CAC
9447WISCONSIN 50C50CMS674889048890Whitlow
9449YORK 50C50CMS67+28272827Heritage auction, 12-2015 CAC
9222LAFAYETTE $1$1