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St. Gaudens $20 Gold Date Set, Circulation Strikes (1907-1932): Golden Ladies

Golden Ladies

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About this set: Augustus St. Gaudens, the premier U.S. sculptor, designed the $20 Double Eagle, at the direction of President Theodore Roosevelt who desired a coin of "some beauty". The Ultra High Relief coins minted beginning February 1907 were stunning but were not practical because the design was raised sufficiently to prevent stacking the coins. The relief was lowered later in 1907, creating a "High Relief" Roman Numeral dated coin (Type 4). The resulting coin was still deemed impractical for large scale production and the relief was lowered again in 1907 and the coins bore Arabic Numeral dates (Type 5). In 1908, the motto "In God We Trust" was added to the reverse. This Type 6 coin was minted until the series ended in 1933. This series was the victim of a gold recall by President Franklin Roosevelt 1933. The result was that many coins in the series are extremely rare, despite subtantial mintages, because almost the entire mintage of these issues were held in Mint vaults and were melted in response to the order. Minor quantities these issues were released to the public and some "mini-hoards" have been repatriated from overseas banks where there were apparently shipped for payment of overseas debt. Examples of these issues are the 1924 D, 1924 S, 1925 D, 1925 S, 1926 D, and 1926 S, all of which considered semi-keys and are obtainable, at a cost. The 1921, 1930 S, 1931, 1931 D and 1932 are all extremely rare and unobtainable for those on a budget. Enough 1929 issues have been discovered that these coins are slowly becoming affordable to collectors. The 1933 is an issue of great intrigue because, at the present time, only a single example is recognized as a "legal" coin by the U.S. Government. The fate of 10 additional 1933 coins is currently being decided in lengthy legal proceeding. A large hoard (Wells Fargo Hoard) of approximately 20,000 1908 "No Motto" coins is notable because it contained large numbers of Gem and Superb Gem coins. This set has something for everyone: relatively inexpensive type coins, challenging semi-keys for intermediate/advanced collectors, and the rarest-of-the-rare for the connoseiur. The reward is a set of what is undoubtedly the most beautiful coins ever minted!

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Golden Ladies
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
190791411907$20MS6522614482700627Circulation mintage: 361,667. Edge: Raised letters and st...
190991531909-S$20MS653262438643Circulation mintage: 2,774,925. Edge: Raised letters and stars...
191091541910$20MS64124822244311736Circulation mintage: 482,000. Edge: Raised letters and stars...
191191581911-D$20MS643657262157883484Circulation mintage: 846,500. Edge: Raised letters and stars...
191291601912$20MS644368543685Circulation mintage: 149,750. Edge: Raised letters and star...
191391621913-D$20MS6413374022203467Circulation mintage: 393,500. Edge: Raised letters and star...
191491661914-S$20MS6520361423102219Circulation mintage: 1,498,000. Edge: Raised letters and stars...
191591681915-S$20MS6520372232082225Circulation mintage: 567,500. Edge: Raised letters and stars. Weight: 516...
191691691916-S$20MS6511891791189179Circulation mintage: 796,000. Edge: Raised letters and stars...
192091701920$20MS649235393460Circulation mintage: 228,250. Edge: Raised letters and star...
192291731922$20MS65138518140324Circulation mintage: 1,375,500. Edge: Raised letters and stars...
192391761923-D$20MS652460177129031775Circulation mintage: 1,702,250. Edge: Raised letters and stars...
1924   $20 
1925   $20 
1926   $20 
1927   $20 
1931   $20