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  1909 VDB1C 
33051909 Lincoln1CPR66RD42104210Crusty and original. I purchased this in 1989 in an old NGC fattie holder. ...
330719101CPR65RB583258144Lusterous and flashy. Should be in a RD holder. CAC
331019111CPR67RB10160What can I say. It's a pop 1/0 blazing monster and the only PCGS PR '11 in ...
331319121CPR66+ RB20256This coin is original as it gets. Toned and crusty as it sat in the origina...
331719131CPR65RD47404740terrific example in an OGH
331919141CPR66+ RB24284Purple portrait cameo with a blazing, mirror-like reverse. Ex MuCullagh/Cha...
332119151CPR64BN325032257My first matte. Purchased raw in 1988. I was drawn by the strike and detail...
332519161CPR65RB5221525060% red. Classic rose toning and luster. Not a spot or nick on the coin; sh...
33321936 Satin1CPR66+ RD2121This amazing coin speaks for itself. Tough to find nice color like this on ...
33351936 Brilliant1CPR64RD433221433226Was a 63 in a rattler. I always thought it was undergraded. CAC