The Milentius Set

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Rank 29
Weighted GPA 65.286
Complete 35.71%
Set Rating 21.762
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The Milentius Set
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
93401926 Oregon50C 
93411926-S Oregon50C 
93421928 Oregon50C 
93431933-D Oregon50C 
93441934-D Oregon50C 
93451936 Oregon50CMS65912789High end, lightly toned
93461936-S Oregon50C 
93471937-D Oregon50C 
93481938 Oregon50CMS66499131High end, lightly toned
93491938-D Oregon50CMS66680312High end, lightly toned
93501938-S Oregon50CMS65711742Solid for grade, lightly toned
93521939 Oregon50CMS65410403High end, lightly toned
93531939-D Oregon50C 
93541939-S Oregon50C