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Rank 56
Weighted GPA 59.232
Complete 99.29%
Set Rating 58.525
%RD 63.31%
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About this set: Here is what I like to call my "working man's set". Not all are perfect, not all are RD, but a good bit of time, money and patience has went and is still going into this collection. I pride myself with getting a lot of my earlier coins raw at great prices rather than buying them slabbed at current value. Some examples.....the 09s vdb I bought in 2001 for $398, 14D was purchased in 2008 for $257 and the 16S I purchased in 2007 for under $15!

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Brewmaster's Basic
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
24251909 VDB1CMS65RD53562490full red, super strike with a small carbon spot distraction on reverse that...
24301909 Lincoln1CMS64RB343228nice strike, even RB toning with great eye appeal
24261909-S VDB1CVF35BN7534986Crossed over from an old PCI certification of VF-35 and did so with ease......
24321909-S Lincoln1CXF40BN264876pleasing uniform brown, clean fields with nice eye appeal
243619101CMS64RB333180Purchased raw, well graded
24381910-S1CMS62BN37171Great strike with hints of red
24441911-D1CXF45BN79441Slightly undergraded...AU 50 easy.
24471911-S1CAU55BN89345great eye appeal with a tiny hint of red on the obverse.
24561912-S1CAU50BN54413clean fields along with a better than average strike
245919131CMS63BN5394Old ANACS MS62BN
24621913-D1CXF40BN46359Slightly undergraded IMO, easliy XF45
24651913-S1CXF45BN98361Clean fields, looks AU50.
24711914-D1CXF40BN413959great strike, clean fields with great eye appeal
24741914-S1CXF45BN153431clean fields, nice color
247819151CMS64RB23383rainbow toning on both sides, unique planchet colors/pattern
24811915-D1CMS64RB28450strong strike, great fields, superior obverse detail
24831915-S1CXF40BN111482Old ANACS EF45. New grade is accurate.
248719161CMS64RB323142sharp strike, clean fields, should be 65RB
24931916-S1CMS62RB14307nice coin with a die crack on reverse
24981917-D1CAU55BN38297raw submission
25101918-S1CAU55BN54278uniform light chocolate brown, well graded
25191919-S1CMS62BN53252Still a good bit of red left, especially on reverse..shound be RB
252419201CMS64RD515553Well graded coin with plenty of mint luster
253219211CMS62RB8355Easily 63RB, not sure what issue PCGS saw with this one.
25341921-S1CXF45BN175455raw submission
25371922-D1CXF40BN111646Old PCI EF40. Clean fields, nice eye appeal.
254419231CMS64RB13343Great rainbow eye appeal, strong strike, one of my favorites
25521924-D1CXF40BN228659clean fields and a good strike considering the year.
256019251CMS64RD410941simply georgous...c'mon...65RD easily.
256919261CMS64RD5471523nice red example, well graded
25731926-S1CAU50BN126502uniform chocolate brown, clean fields, well graded
257819271CMS64RD298721Strong strike, reverse 65 easily
25791927-D1CAU58BN72206raw submission-easily MS63BN-traces of red highlights throughout
25891928-D1CMS64RB23740More red than brown, accurate grade
259619291CMS64RD3561110bright red obverse with dual red on the reverse, looks 65 to me
26021929-S1CMS63RD65829carbon spots on reverse keep this from being 64
260519301CMS65RD15671117Superior obverse. Couldn't have missed 66 by much.
26081930-D1CMS64RD349597OGH, reholder in 2012. Well graded..
26111930-S1CMS64RD525892great color, was PCI 66, should be 65RD.
26191931-S1CMS64RB956135The RB must stand for RainBow as this coin is georgously toned on both side...
26261932-D1CMS64RD294674well graded with nice color
263519341CMS66RD1479329Simply stunning, well graded.
26381934-D1CMS65RD904414Full red, but a very weak obverse strike, in fact I see no trace of vdb on ...
264119351CMS66RD2112477multi toned shades of red, super strike and clean fields
26471935-S1CMS65RD465264clean fields, good color and strong obverse strike
265019361CMS66RD1841238Full bright red with an average obverse strike and a strong reverse.
26531936-D1CMS66RD987105Old rattler, reholder in 2012. Nice color and detail
26561936-S1CMS65RD405547nice coin for grade
265919371CMS67RD4126Superior strike, nice coin
26621937-D1CMS66RD2111347nice color
26651937-S1CMS66RD1248219uniform red, no distractions
266819381CMS66RD1644308Nice coin for grade
26741938-S1CMS66RD2684272Simply stunning, well graded.
267719391CMS66RD3191428Extremely close to perfect! Couldn't have missed 67 by much.
268619401CMS66RD1679236bright red, clean fields
26891940-D1CMS66RD2155331Superior reverse
26981941-D1CMS66RD963215great color, well graded
27011941-S1CMS66RD1870218Nice color, well graded.
270419421CMS66RD1682151small amount of rainbow toning on reverse, great eye appeal
27071942-D1CMS66RD2129305Nice uniform obverse color, but if you don't like multible shades of red, y...
27101942-S1CMS66RD1824360uniform color, clean fields, well graded
271119431CMS6648611591Real close to 67
27141943-D1CMS6640962397Shiny silver beauty
27171943-S1CMS6637911704Flawless Steel cent
272219441CMS66RD2353249Bright red, fine example of a 66.
27251944-D1CMS66RD2239292goergous, well graded
27311944-S1CMS66RD3063320great color
273419451CMS66RD135378Well graded
27401945-S1CMS66RD3796728Cherry red monster
274319461CMS65RD780610amazing color, well graded.
27461946-D1CMS66RD1375166Fine example
27491946-S1CMS66RD2106148fire red, georgous coin
27581947-S1CMS66RD1772193Nice full red example
276119481CMS65RD562505Nice coin for grade
27641948-D1CMS66RD109066bright red, generous grade.
27671948-S1CMS66RD2215213nice color, clean fields
277019491CMS65RD569445bright red, real close to 66
27761949-S1CMS66RD2028215Satin red, fair grade
277919501CMS65RD528566goergous color and fields, should be 66
27821950-D1CMS66RD85352Rainbow tones on both sides. Simply georgous!
278819511CMS65RD427485Well graded
27911951-D1CMS66RD1044128Red Blazer, well graded
279719521CMS65RD401516well graded
28001952-D1CMS66RD136697Strong strike! Some micro spots/toning on obverse. Still full red.
28031952-S1CMS66RD1361154Full red, but generous grade, more like 65.
280619531CMS66RD41244well graded
28091953-D1CMS66RD101744beautiful coin, well graded
28121953-S1CMS66RD1482157Almost perfect...looks close to 67
281519541CMS65RD1149419Soft obverse strike, great color, well graded.
28181954-D1CMS66RD81390uniform red, well graded
28211954-S1CMS66RD3631231monster both sides, no distractions at all, 67 in my opinion
282419551CMS66RD97649Full red, weak obverse strike, generous grade in my opinion
28301955-D1CMS66RD141149Blazing red, slightly rotated reverse, well graded
28331955-S1CMS66RD3710298Monster obverse, great color, reverse keeps it from 67 in my opinion.
283619561CMS66RD73539flawless, perfect color, well graded
28391956-D1CMS66RD149387Great color, nice strike.
284219571CMS65RD353605Nice coin for grade
28451957-D1CMS66RD1512104Another 66 that looks 67 to me! Superior color and fields.
284819581CMS66RD97557Generous grade in my opinion.
28511958-D1CMS66RD2780149Blazing red, well graded