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Canadian Complete Type Set, Special Strikes (1858-1967): Lantern Collection

Lantern Collection

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Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 64.857
Complete 74.29%
Set Rating 42.430
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Lantern Collection
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Victoria One Cent301101881-H1CSP64RD11157Ted Frick
Edward VII One Cent3017319081CSP63RD2262Ted Frick
George V One Cent Large3027519111CSP65RD2434Ted Frick
George V One Cent Small3029519261CSP64RB222533Ted Frick
George VI One Cent3043719501CSP65RD5111334
Elizabeth II One Cent3067419591CPL67RD10411Ted Frick
Victoria Five Cents   5C 
Edward VII Five Cents3104119085CSP644144
George V Five Cents Silver3108919115CSP642233Ted Frick
George V Five Cents Nickel   5C 
George VI Five Cents3114419375CSP67151531
Elizabeth II Five Cents3123019535CPL6720462
Victoria Ten Cents31371185810CSP64381932
Edward VII Ten Cents31417190810CSP6314101415
George V Ten Cents31468191110CSP6522520Ted Frick
George VI Ten Cents31516193710CSP67242623Pittman
Elizabeth II Ten Cents160309196510CPL6830140
Victoria Twenty Cents31701185820CSP6311511Reed Edge
Victoria Twenty-Five Cents   25C 
Edward VII Twenty-Five Cents31784190825CSP64110114ICCS SP-65
George V Twenty-Five Cents31827191125CSP6377828Ted Frick
George VI Twenty-Five Cents31891195025CSP6780566Pittman
Elizabeth II Twenty-Five Cents31967195525CPL6830160
Victoria Fifty Cents   50C 
Edward VII Fifty Cents32126190850CSP6320142014ICCS SP-65
George V Fifty Cents32162191150CSP6211131341Ted Frick
George VI Fifty Cents32225194950CSP6720271Pittman
Elizabeth II Fifty Cents32302195950CPL6820230
George V Dollars   S$1 
George VI Dollars324231949S$1PL6717114715
Elizabeth II Dollars325221954S$1PL68111371
Edward VII Sovereigns326451908-CSov 
George V Sovereigns326621911-CSov 
George V Five Dollars326751912$5 
George V Ten Dollars326881912$10