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About this set: These 1 mark coins are simply elegant! It is a travesty of history that these fantastic coins could not have been minted for a few more generations. They really are incredible.

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ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No.
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Owner's Comments
18923004251892-FMarkAU5017130Self submission. Only 3 graded higher. Fairly rare in any grade
1893   Mark 
18963004351896-DMarkXF40112229Self submission. Third finest known.
1898  1898 A Mark 
18993004411899-DMarkMS6537918None graded higher
1900   Mark 
1901   Mark 
1902   Mark 
19033004681903-DMarkMS6422610Finest known.
19044558491904-GMarkMS64391022Only 2 graded higher. Somewhat rare.
19053004811905-EMarkMS677595Only 5 graded higher. Stunning rainbow rim toning.
19063004881906-FMarkXF4015122Self submission. A mere 2 graded higher.
19073004931907-EMarkMS6620125Self submission. None graded higher.
19083004981908-DMarkMS6446625Only 3 graded higher
1909   Mark 
19103005081910-AMarkMS65531111Only 1 graded higher. Tinge of russet/gold toning.
19113005141911-AMarkMS6436518Self submission. Finest known.
1912   Mark 
19133005261913-GMarkMS643466None graded higher. Deep mirrored fields.
19143005311914-EMarkMS654174688Self submission. Incredibly beautiful patina.
19153005351915-AMarkMS663277432Self submission.