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Washington Statehood Quarters Complete Variety Set with all Die Varieties, Circulation Strikes and Satin Finish (1999-2008): ACM


Young Numismatist

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Rank 18
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 66.250
Complete 15.70%
Set Rating 8.413
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PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
59441999-P Delaware25CMS6556318515631851
59451999-D Delaware25C 
59461999-P Pennsylvania25CMS6544214574421457
59471999-D Pennsylvania25C 
59481999-P New Jersey25CMS66963318963318
59491999-D New Jersey25CMS6537612623761262
59501999-P Georgia25C 
59511999-D Georgia25C 
59521999-P Connecticut25C 
59531999-D Connecticut25CMS6613664911366491
59542000-P Massachusetts25C 
59552000-D Massachusetts25CMS6610376441037644
59562000-P Maryland25CMS6677510007751000
59572000-D Maryland25C 
59582000-P S Carolina25CMS6690413579041357
59592000-D S Carolina25CMS661203135612031356
59622000-P New Hampshire25C 
59632000-D New Hampshire25C 
59642000-P Virginia25CMS6675310157531015
59652000-D Virginia25C 
59662001-P New York25C 
59672001-D New York25CMS66908482908482
59682001-P N Carolina25CMS6668221086822108
59692001-D N Carolina25CMS66710594710594
59702001-P Rhode Island25C 
59712001-D Rhode Island25CMS6511416201141620
140002001-P Vermont25CMS6713667671366767
140012001-D Vermont25C 
140022001-P Kentucky25CMS6713215771321577
140032001-D Kentucky25C 
140042002-P Tennessee25CMS671248125712481257
140052002-D Tennessee25C 
140062002-P Ohio25C 
140072002-D Ohio25CMS6684115428411542
140082002-P Louisiana25C 
140092002-D Louisiana25CMS64451444451444
140102002-P Indiana25CMS671112111011121110
140112002-D Indiana25C 
140122002-P Mississippi25CMS6641316564131656
140132002-D Mississippi25CMS6660710736071073
140142003-P Illinois25C 
140152003-D Illinois25CMS66500541500541
140162003-P Alabama25C 
140172003-D Alabama25C 
140182003-P Maine25C 
140192003-D Maine25C 
140202003-P Missouri25C 
140212003-D Missouri25CMS66777719777719
140222003-P Arkansas25C 
140232003-D Arkansas25CMS66385883385883
140242004-P Michigan25C 
140252004-D Michigan25CMS6785810528581052
140262004-P Florida25C 
140272004-D Florida25CMS67528531528531
140282004-P Texas25C 
140292004-D Texas25C 
140302004-P Iowa25C 
140312004-D Iowa25C 
140322004-P Wisconsin25C 
140332004-D Wisconsin25C 
  2004-D Wisconsin Extra Leaf Low FS-590225C 
  2004-D Wisconsin Extra Leaf High FS-590125C 
140342005-P California25C 
9140342005-P California Satin Finish25C 
140352005-D California25C 
9140352005-D California Satin Finish25CSP6811322011132201
140362005-P Minnesota25C 
1487092005-P Minnesota DDO-00125C 
1442272005-P Minnesota Extra Tree FS-801 DDR-00125C 
1442282005-P Minnesota Extra Tree FS-802 DDR-00225C 
1442292005-P Minnesota DDR-00325C 
1442312005-P Minnesota DDR-00525C 
1442322005-P Minnesota Extra Tree FS-804 DDR-00625C 
1442332005-P Minnesota Extra Tree FS-805 DDR-00725C 
1442342005-P Minnesota Extra Tree FS-806 DDR-00825C 
1487712005-P Minnesota DDR-00925C 
1460792005-P Minnesota DDR-01025C 
1460802005-P Minnesota DDR-01125C 
1442302005-P Minnesota Extra Tree FS-807 DDR-01225C 
3896212005-P Minnesota DDR-01325C 
1478132005-P Minnesota DDR-01425C 
1472292005-P Minnesota DDR-01525C 
1458202005-P Minnesota DDR-01625C 
1478052005-P Minnesota DDR-01725C 
1456562005-P Minnesota DDR-01825C 
1478352005-P Minnesota DDR-01925C 
1458212005-P Minnesota DDR-02025C 
1454202005-P Minnesota DDR-02125C 
1478392005-P Minnesota DDR-02225C 
1453482005-P Minnesota DDR-02325C 
1454212005-P Minnesota DDR-02425C 
1453492005-P Minnesota DDR-02525C 
3896222005-P Minnesota DDR-02625C 
3896232005-P Minnesota DDR-02725C 
3896242005-P Minnesota DDR-02825C 
1478092005-P Minnesota DDR-02925C 
1478102005-P Minnesota DDR-03025C 
1472302005-P Minnesota DDR-03125C 
1478062005-P Minnesota DDR-03225C 
3896252005-P Minnesota DDR-03425C 
3896262005-P Minnesota DDR-03525C 
1458222005-P Minnesota DDR-03625C 
1478362005-P Minnesota DDR-03725C 
1472282005-P Minnesota DDR-03925C 
1460892005-P Minnesota DDR-04025C 
1458232005-P Minnesota DDR-04125C 
1453502005-P Minnesota DDR-04225C 
1453512005-P Minnesota DDR-04325C 
3896272005-P Minnesota DDR-04425C 
1453522005-P Minnesota DDR-04525C 
1453532005-P Minnesota DDR-04625C 
3896282005-P Minnesota DDR-04825C 
3896292005-P Minnesota DDR-05025C 
3896302005-P Minnesota DDR-05125C 
1487192005-P Minnesota DDR-05225C 
3896312005-P Minnesota DDR-05325C 
1478222005-P Minnesota DDR-05525C 
1478232005-P Minnesota DDR-05625C 
1478322005-P Minnesota DDR-05725C 
1478332005-P Minnesota DDR-05825C 
1478242005-P Minnesota DDR-05925C 
1478342005-P Minnesota DDR-06025C 
3896322005-P Minnesota DDR-06125C 
3896332005-P Minnesota DDR-06225C 
1478432005-P Minnesota DDR-06325C 
4162432005-P Minnesota DDR-06425C 
4182002005-P Minnesota DDR-06525C 
4177752005-P Minnesota DDR-06625C 
4182022005-P Minnesota DDR-06725C 
4151102005-P Minnesota DDR-06825C 
9140362005-P Minnesota Satin Finish25CSP6813827141382714
1444192005-P Minnesota Satin Finish FS-803 Extra Tree DDR-00425C 
1460092005-P Minnesota Satin Finish DDR-03325C 
1447932005-P Minnesota Satin Finish DDR-03825C 
1478372005-P Minnesota Satin Finish DDR-04725C 
1473862005-P Minnesota Satin Finish DDR-04925C 
1460812005-P Minnesota Satin Finish DDR-05425C 
140372005-D Minnesota25C 
1478082005-D Minnesota DDR-00225C 
1456602005-D Minnesota DDR-00525C 
1456612005-D Minnesota DDR-00625C 
5073332005-D Minnesota DDR-00725C 
9140372005-D Minnesota Satin Finish25CSP6811522321152232
1444202005-D Minnesota Satin Finish FS-801 Extra Tree DDR-00125C 
1444212005-D Minnesota Satin Finish FS-802 Extra Tree DDR-00325C 
1478152005-D Minnesota Satin Finish DDR-00425C 
140382005-P Oregon25C 
9140382005-P Oregon Satin Finish25C 
5112602005-P Oregon Satin Finish DDR FS-80125C 
5112612005-P Oregon Satin Finish DDR FS-80225C 
140392005-D Oregon25C 
9140392005-D Oregon Satin Finish25C 
140402005-P Kansas25C 
9140402005-P Kansas Satin Finish25C 
140412005-D Kansas25C 
9140412005-D Kansas Satin Finish25CSP6739812863981286
140422005-P West Virginia25C 
9140422005-P West Virginia Satin Finish25CSP6734417353441735
140432005-D West Virginia25C 
9140432005-D West Virginia Satin Finish25C 
390202006-P Nevada25C 
8390202006-P Nevada Satin Finish25CSP67178629178629
390212006-D Nevada25C 
8390212006-D Nevada Satin Finish25C 
390222006-P Nebraska25C 
8390222006-P Nebraska Satin Finish25CSP68851345851345
390232006-D Nebraska25C 
8390232006-D Nebraska Satin Finish25C 
390242006-P Colorado25C 
8390242006-P Colorado Satin Finish25C 
390252006-D Colorado25C 
8390252006-D Colorado Satin Finish25CSP6810194861019486
390262006-P North Dakota25C 
8390262006-P North Dakota Satin Finish25C 
390272006-D North Dakota25C 
8390272006-D North Dakota Satin Finish25C 
390282006-P South Dakota25C 
8390282006-P South Dakota Satin Finish25C 
390292006-D South Dakota25C 
8390292006-D South Dakota Satin Finish25C 
390302007-P Montana25C 
3899082007-P Montana Satin Finish25C 
390312007-D Montana25C 
3899092007-D Montana Satin Finish25C 
390322007-P Washington25C 
3899102007-P Washington Satin Finish25C 
390332007-D Washington25C 
3899112007-D Washington Satin Finish25C 
390342007-P Idaho25C 
3899122007-P Idaho Satin Finish25C 
390352007-D Idaho25C 
3899132007-D Idaho Satin Finish25C 
390362007-P Wyoming25C 
5112632007-P Wyoming DDR FS-80125C 
5112642007-P Wyoming DDR FS-80325C 
3899142007-P Wyoming Satin Finish25C 
5112622007-P Wyoming Satin Finish DDR FS-80225C 
390372007-D Wyoming25C 
3899152007-D Wyoming Satin Finish25C 
390382007-P Utah25C 
3899162007-P Utah Satin Finish25C 
390392007-D Utah25C 
3899172007-D Utah Satin Finish25C 
390402008-P Oklahoma25C 
3948892008-P Oklahoma Satin Finish25C 
390412008-D Oklahoma25C 
3948872008-D Oklahoma Satin Finish25C 
390422008-P New Mexico25C 
3948902008-P New Mexico Satin Finish25C 
390432008-D New Mexico25C 
3948882008-D New Mexico Satin Finish25C 
390442008-P Arizona25C 
3948912008-P Arizona Satin Finish25C 
390452008-D Arizona25C 
3948922008-D Arizona Satin Finish25C 
390462008-P Alaska25C 
3948932008-P Alaska Satin Finish25C 
390472008-D Alaska25C 
3948942008-D Alaska Satin Finish25C 
390482008-P Hawaii25C 
3948952008-P Hawaii Satin Finish25C 
390492008-D Hawaii25C 
3948962008-D Hawaii Satin Finish25C