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Mercury Dimes FB with Major Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1916-1945): Dimeman


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Rank 14
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 63.135
Complete 97.50%
Set Rating 61.068
%FB 14.10%
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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
4904191610CMS66236233990Heritage - Beautiful lite tone.
49081916-S10CMS6514867148844Bill Bright - Nice origanal satin with lt golden tone.
4910191710CMS65228221145Heritage ex:Shapiro - nice blast white
49121917-D10CMS625820258540Mike Orlando - Very nice for grade. Mostly silver with lite golden tone.
4916191810CMS6516416514Birmingham Coin - beautiful coin.
49181918-D10CMS63126296126466Fcloud - A. R. Savino Collection - Very pretty coin.
49201918-S10CMS65452545182Thanks Ken - Fairlaneman.
4922191910CMS65172017725B.U.S.T. coinage - Beautiful silver white coin. Very nice.
49241919-D10CMS6410237102243Michael Beygelman - very nice blast white coin
49261919-S10CMS64785978150Mike Beygelman - Very nice bright white coin.
4928192010CMS653518351105Heritage ex:Shapiro - nice creamy white with hint of tone
49301920-D10CMS636812968445Angel Dee - Very pretty and PQ
49321920-S10CMS63256325337DLRC Auction - Very very nice coin for grade assigned. Great color and lust...
4934192110CXF408821188549SLT show 2012 - D & G Coins.
49361921-D10CXF457425474559STL show 2012 - D & G Coins.
4939192310CMS65FB368291368291Douglas Voelbel - Great coin - Great pic.
49401923-S10CMS63479447303Ebay - Dan Hariliak - Nice coin for grade.
4942192410CMS65523252657Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
49441924-D10CMS6439739469Ebay - Dan Havriliak - Very pretty lite toning.
49461924-S10CMS64632863277Teletrade - Very pretty perif toning and great luster. Pic does not do just...
4948192510CMS64663666517Teletrade - Nice lustrous coin with some light toning around the perif.
49511925-D10CMS63FB8018980189Teletrade - Very pretty perif toning.
49521925-S10CMS62156415385Heritage Auction
4954192610CMS6615115874L & C - Beautiful light tone.
49561926-D10CMS63407840540Heritage - crossed from new anacs64.
49581926-S10CMS64522952166Angel Dee's - Very nice for grade. From the Comics-N-Stuff San Diego collec...
4960192710CMS6622022800Angel Dee's - Beautiful blast white coin. Very nice.
49621927-D10CMS634510845252Mike Orlando - Silver Dollar Show STL 2010 - Nice white coin.
49641927-S10CMS64773577174Tony Savino (Fcloud) - Central States 2013.
4966192810CMS64534953883Fairfield Coin - In an old rattler holder. Nice coin with a touch of lite g...
49681928-D10CMS64281628359Vancouver Rare Coins. Beautiful Mercury Dime.
1454471928-S10CMS6426110388Teletrade - Nice coin
4972192910CMS66103111031073Great Toning - Beautiful blast white coin.
49741929-D10CMS65188491881435Dean Schmidt - Ebay - Very pretty coin.
49761929-S10CMS647914879704Heritage - Very nice white coin.
4978193010CMS66511051621Teletrade - Beautiful blast white coin.
49811930-S10CMS64FB131272131272Teletrade - Very nice bright white Merc.
4982193110CMS6639739461Heritage ex:Shapiro - beautiful
49841931-D10CMS66347341073Heritage - Beautiful coin. One I have been looking for a long time.
49861931-S10CMS6510967111295Teletrade - beautiful light golden tone.
4988193410CMS67100101813Heritage ex:Shapiro - nice creamy white with a hint of tone
49901934-D10CMS65324171324985DLRC - This is the Large "D" variety. Very nice brilliant coin.
4992193510CMS67702702579Heritage ex:Shapiro - nice creamy white with a hint of tone
49941935-D10CMS6514390143821Heritage - nice blast white.
49961935-S10CMS6621056210785Thanks Fairlaneman
4998193610CMS6715281522240Heritage auction - Beautiful blazer!
50011936-D10CMS64FB294787294787DLRC - Very PQ for grade & brilliant
50031936-S10CMS65FB1259100512641013DLRC - Very pretty coin brilliant with soft orange peel toning
5004193710CMS67215132155820Teletrade - Beautiful white luster
50061937-D10CMS67202201944Ebay - Beautiful light golden tone.
50091937-S10CMS66FB300116302122Spencer Peck - Beautiful brilliant silver with lt orange peel tone.
5011193810CMS67FB2573425734Heritage ex:Shapiro - nice creamy white with a hint of tone
50131938-D10CMS66FB12823771282377Heritage - nice blast white
50141938-S10CMS66256592561531Teletrade - Nice white coin
5016193910CMS67770637741095DLRC - Beautiful lt golden tone
50181939-D10CMS6721882185306Ebay - Beautiful blast white coin.
50201939-S10CMS6752752484Great Toning - Beautiful white coin with gold perif.
5022194010CMS67320153203339Ebay - Beautiful lt golden tone
50241940-D10CMS6710651063205Dean Schmidt - Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
50261940-S10CMS67219132251841Heritage - Beautiful blast white coin.
5028194110CMS67266102663334Heritage ex:Shapiro - blast white
50311941-D10CMS67FB6535465454Michael Aron - Beautiful creamy white.
1454661941-S10CMS66FB701203366Frank Doty - Nice coin.
5034194210CMS67220142202538DLRC - Beautiful creamy white.
50381942-D10CMS67117161176260Teletrade - Beautiful white luster
50401942/1-D10CAU504813848331I made - Frank Doty Jr. Nice for grade.
50421942-S10CMS6711441141938Teletrade - This is the Large Trumpet Tailed "S". Beautiful white coin.
5044194310CMS67422164223050DLRC - Beautiful Blast white.
5050194410CMS6739973991468DLRC - Beautiful creamy white.
50521944-D10CMS679469711206Ebay - Beautiful white luster
50551944-S10CMS66FB13603501360350Heritage ex:Shapiro - nice blast white
5056194510CMS6726113261131Heritage ex:Shapiro - blast white
50581945-D10CMS6730473046665Ebay - JJ Bosslett - Beautiful blast white coin.
50601945-S10CMS66297546929752093I made - Local show - This is the Goose neck trumpet tailed "S". Beautiful ...
50621945-S Micro S10CMS6617142471721704Pat Devine.
This set is for Dimes with full bands CAN YOU READ ?
Posted @ 2/10/2010 9:56 AM By mdreaded