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Brian Carpenter Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
  1878 8TF$1 
  1878 7TF Reverse of 1878$1 
  1878 7TF Reverse of 1879$1 
  1878 7/8TF Strong$1 
70801878-CC$1MS638838904096739905Currency Fitz
  1879-CC Capped Die$1 
70921879-S$1MS65238939043251379477Dennis Carpenter (my father)
  1879-S Reverse of 1878$1 
  1880 8/7$1 
  1880-CC 8/High 7$1 
  1880-CC 8/Low 7$1 
  1880/79-CC Reverse of 1878$1 
  1880-CC 8/7 Reverse of 1878$1 
  1880-O 80/79$1 
71181880-S$1MS6534425130993759914258Dennis Carpenter (my father)Birthday
  1880-S 80/79$1 
71261881-CC$1MS63458014169530415641Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
71301881-S$1MS64967676726810056970131Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
71341882-CC$1MS639039187021059221737Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
  1882-O/S Strong$1 
71441883-CC$1MS6310762266061303831376Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
71521884-CC$1MS6313226269561535231570Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
971551884-O$1MS64DM7163057034717224Dennis Carpenter(my father)Birthday
71581885$1MS658412170089761873Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
71621885-O$1MS65187833103192093186Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
71701886-S$1AU5840852044175656Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
71741887/6$1MS63447573514690Dennis Carpenter (my father)Christmas
71761887-O$1MS634130309043863356Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
  1888-O Doubled Die Obverse$1 
71881889$1MS64110582563113502676Dubuque Coin Show
  1890-CC Tail Bar$1 
72361895-O$1VF3534538313453841Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
72481897-O$1AU5053944565394479Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
72541898-O$1MS65119382473123052579Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
72581899$1MS643937157541721724Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
  1899-O Micro O$1 
72721901$1XF4546739524814007Dennis Carpenter (my father)Traded
  1901 Doubled Die Reverse$1 
  1903-S Micro S$1