Garrow King Mercury Dime Collection

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About this set:  In the Summer of 1960 a friend showed me a copy of Yeoman's Red Book that sparked my interest in coin collecting. A few months later my parents gave me a Whitman Mercury Dime folder for my tenth birthday. Over the next two years I completed the board from pocket change. (The 16-D was a $60 gift from Mom and Dad.) I began this collection in 1974. From coin shops and shows I put together a partial set through the 70's and 80's. During the 90's I mixed raw coins with certified examples. In 2001 I decided to certify the raw coins and put together a PCGS set. My preferences are original coins, toned or white, with minimum marks. Visiting dealers, surfing the net, and walking the bourse is like searching through pocket change as a kid. By the way, I still have my original Whitman collection. This set was completed September 23, 2005. Best of good fortune to all of you as you continue the hunt!

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Garrow King Mercury Dime Collection
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
4905191610CMS66FB4051442007 David Lawrence Rare Coins
49071916-D10CAU58FB342962005 Harry Laibstain Rare Coins
49081916-S10CMS6644102003 David Lawrence Rare Coins
4911191710CMS65FB2101222004 Heritage Auctions
49131917-D10CMS64FB110522011 David Lawrence Rare Coins
49151917-S10CMS65FB111792004 Heritage Auctions
4917191810CMS65FB94492004 William Dominick, Westwood RCG
49181918-D10CMS6575122001 David Lawrence
49201918-S10CMS64118561996 Coins of the Realm, PCGS63, recert 2003
4923191910CMS65FB141942012 Heritage Auctions
49241919-D10CMS6480361995 Gerry Swen, Vienna Show, PCGS 63
49261919-S10CMS6472482002 David Lawrence
4929192010CMS64FB3553241996 Vienna Show, raw
49301920-D10CMS6472411988 Coins of the Realm, raw
49321920-S10CMS6426152002 JJ Teaparty
4935192110CMS64FB1211182006 David Lawrence Rare Coins
49371921-D10CMS64FB113842009 Northeast Numismatics
4939192310CMS66FB182792004 JJ Teaparty
49401923-S10CMS6342822003 L&C Coins
4943192410CMS66FB94352005 Heritage Bullet Auction
49451924-D10CMS65FB85442003 Heritage
49461924-S10CMS6462212004 L&C Coins
4949192510CMS65FB94791988 New Carrollton Show, raw
49511925-D10CMS63FB751832002 Heritage
49531925-S10CMS64FB132862001 JJ Teaparty
4955192610CMS65FB1781162003 Heritage
49571926-D10CMS64FB1761172005 David Lawrence Rare Coins, NGC 64 cross
49581926-S10CMS6453272003 Heritage
49621927-D10CMS6458442000 L & C Coins
49641927-S10CMS6470342004 Jack Beymer
4967192810CMS66FB125402005 Heritage Bullet Auction
49691928-D10CMS64FB136972005 Harry Laibstain
49711928-S10CMS65FB61392006 Heritage Auctions
4973192910CMS65FB3382812003 David Lawrence Rare Coins
49751929-D10CMS65FB3791592004 David Lawrence Rare Coins
49771929-S10CMS65FB1471792003 Heritage
4979193010CMS65FB1561112003 David Lawrence Rare Coins
49811930-S10CMS66FB77192004 David Lawrence's first auction
4983193110CMS65FB105882011 Heritage Auctions
49851931-D10CMS65FB3462401992 Golden Eagle Coin Exchange, raw
49871931-S10CMS64FB611032006 Larry Whitlow
4989193410CMS67FB18727???? raw from before 1992
49911934-D10CMS66FB134552005 Heritage
4993193510CMS66FB8152602002 David Lawrence
49951935-D10CMS66FB90282004 Heritage Auctions, NGC66FB Crossover
49971935-S10CMS66FB150992004 Heritage Auctions
4999193610CMS66FB6432352006 Heritage Auctions
50011936-D10CMS66FB2261362004 David Lawrence Rare Coins
50031936-S10CMS66FB727191???? raw, from who knows where
5005193710CMS66FB19928482001 Robin Borum, Woodbridge, VA
50071937-D10CMS66FB576255???? raw from before 1992
50091937-S10CMS66FB2831102006 Heritage Auctions
5011193810CMS66FB6732492003 JJ Teaparty
50131938-D10CMS66FB11263092000 Coins of the Realm
50151938-S10CMS66FB3681412004 Heritage Long Beach Bullet
5017193910CMS66FB2971552003 Tom Hyland, Sussex, NJ
50191939-D10CMS66FB19616692000 Coins of the Realm
50211939-S10CMS65FB1301472004 Heritage Auctions
5023194010CMS67FB35732???? Beautiful and brilliant,
50251940-D10CMS66FB10863712003 David Lawrence Rare Coins
50271940-S10CMS66FB5751902004 Heritage Auction
5029194110CMS66FB10723371990 Golden Eagle Coin Exchange, raw
50311941-D10CMS66FB21306342003 David Lawrence Rare Coins
50331941-S10CMS66FB11413342003 Heritage
5035194210CMS66FB7521952003 Fairfield's, Ft. Wayne, Balt. ANA
50361942/110CAU5892732005 Heritage Sept Long Beach Signature
50391942-D10CMS66FB19445972002 Heritage
50401942/1-D10CAU5545442004 David Lawrence Rare Coins
50431942-S10CMS66FB5391992002 L&C Coins
5045194310CMS66FB10032282003 L&C Coins
50471943-D10CMS66FB37697112002 L&C Coins
50491943-S10CMS66FB7382362011 Coins of the Realm, OGH
5051194410CMS66FB4441142003 Fairfield's, Ft. Wayne
50531944-D10CMS66FB395713712002 L&C Coins
50551944-S10CMS66FB12822882004 Heritage Auction
5056194510CMS6722332003 Fairfield's, Ft. Wayne, Balt. ANA
50591945-D10CMS67FB26772003 Heritage Auction
50611945-S10CMS66FB4491572003 Heritage
50631945-S Micro S10CMS65FB1661372004 Heritage Auctions