Australian Lunar Gold : $100 Mint State Set

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Weighted GPA 69.000
Complete 5.26%
Set Rating 3.632
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About this set: A complete mint state set of $100 Australian Lunar Gold coins.

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Australian Lunar Gold : $100 Mint State Set
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
1637591996 Rat$100 
1144601997 Ox$100 
1740371998 Tiger$100 
1740381999 Rabbit$100 
1146232000 Dragon$100MS69788788Procured raw from ebay and submitted for grading by Richard A. Hogan.
1689242001 Snake$100 
1739662002 Horse$100 
1740392003 Goat$100 
1740352004 Monkey$100 
1740362005 Rooster$100 
1404602006 Dog$100 
1462592007 Pig$100 
4015542008 Mouse$100 
4108062009 Ox$100 
4136022010-P Tiger$100 
5060042011-P Rabbit$100 
  2012-P Dragon  
  2013-P Snake$100 
  2014-P Horse$100