Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

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About this set: This collection represents my passion for Penny Collecting. I started collecting Penny's in the late 50's, using Whitman Albums, in 2004 I finally completed my Whitman set from 1856-Present(Special thanks to Rick Snow). This set being based on completeness, and not so much on Mint State(lots of raw fillers). Now it's on to building a Registry Set(budget permitting), and feeding on my RAW set for the rare ones.

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Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
13411793 Chain1CFR2BN52369 Shawn A Yancey
  1793 Wreath1C 
  1793 Cap1C 
136517941CG6BN14449[email protected]
138017951CG6BN27370Eternity Coin
13921796 Cap1CFR2BN16198Tommy Mundy
  1796 Drape1C 
142217971CAG3BN17301Scott Hodge
143417981CAG3BN17430Numismatic Classics, Inc.
145218001CVG8BN319spindle city pawn brokers inc
145818011CAG3BN9140Timothy Swann
147618021CVG8BN356NKA Numismatics, LLC
91150118031CG4BN236Greg Shane
151018051CVG10BN14191Todd Bellamy
151318061CG4BN7112Numismatic Classics, Inc.
154318081CF12BN16113Kevin Vinton
154618091CG4BN9116Numismatic Financial Corporation
155218101CVG10BN981Simon Winegar
155518111CG4BN6134Somerset Hills Coins and Currency
156418121CG6BN9124Kenneth Bieke
157018131CG4BN11208Robert Brownlee
157318141CVG10BN17268Arnold E Heller Jr
159118161CVF20BN8293The Reeded Edge, Inc.
159718171CVF25BN568Type Coin Company
160018181CVG10BN9632Bozarth Numismatics Inc
160318191CVF35BN3128Robert Givens
161818201CVF30BN848Bozarth Numismatics Inc
162118211CG4BN10211Riccardo DeSanctis
162418221CF12BN10197The Numismatic Financial Corporation, Inc.
163018231CG6BN16128Kevin Vinton
163618241CG6BN3158Bellisario Rare Coins
164218251CVG10BN6152Bellisario Rare Coins
164518261CVF35BN16147Bozarth Numismatics, Inc.
165118271CVF35BN18152Dan Lekander
165418281CVG8BN7184Michael Barton
166318291CVF25BN781Bozarth Numismatics, Inc
167218301CVF20BN10144Todd Snyder
3699718311CXF40BN19Richard O'Brien
169018321CVG10BN140Bozarth Numismatics, Inc.
169618331CVG8BN6256Tony Neely
169918341CXF40BN1483Jonathan Rosenthal
172018351CXF40BN217Bozarth Numismatics Inc
172618361CVF20BN8213 Somerset Hills Coins
173518371CAU50BN17157Aaron Scott
174118381CXF45BN71540The Numismatic Financial Corporation, Inc.
175118391CVF35BN11149Type Coin Company
182018401CXF40BN11128Northern Nevada Coin
183218411CAU50BN664Bozarth Numismatics, Inc
183518421CVF30BN10191Todd Snyder
184418431CVF35BN12150(N-12, R-2) Bellisario Rare Coins
185618441CVF30BN14120Bozarth Numismatics, Inc
186218451CXF45BN33179Ken Rupert
186518461CVF25BN11272ebay: coinedout
187718471CXF45BN58328Todd Snyder
188318481CXF45BN72326The Numismatic Financial Corporation, Inc.
188618491CVF20BN7289The Numismatic Financial Corporation, Inc.
188918501CXF40BN37472Chao-lin Liang
189518511CVF30BN687O'Connor Numismatics, LLC
189818521CAU50BN39687Victorian Rare Coin
190118531CXF40BN1041102Chao-lin Liang
190418541CVF30BN28778chao-lin Liang
191018551CAU50BN1080Somerset Hills Coins and Currency
191918561CXF45BN48468William Neumiller
192818571CVF25BN3549Robert Givens