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913411793 Chain1CVF25BN62130149
13471793 Wreath1CVF35BN2612933197S-8, R3. EAC 25. Ex: Goldberg 9/06, lot 955.
13591793 Cap1CG6BN560672S-13. Stacks 5/08:1055.
3570817941CAU55BN1271189S-64, no fraction bar. CC#9. EAC EF-45 With light planchet roughness in the...
138017951CXF45BN269835164S-78. R-1. Ex: Bowers & Merena 11/06:184.
13921796 Cap1CVF35BN8389651796 1C Liberty Cap. VF35 PCGS. S-89, B-10, R.3. Bland VF20; tied for CC-9....
14071796 Drape1CXF45BN110970S-114. Rarity-5. Noyes Die State A. From the George Dyer Collection, collec...
142217971CXF40BN1810432203S-130, R2. EAC 30 net 25.
3618518001CVF35BN21191181800 1C Normal Date. VF35 PCGS. S-199, B-14, R.4. Noyes VF25; CC-6. Photo ...
3627818011CAU50BN131048S-223, B-17, R.1. Breen Die State III. The obverse has a combination of a r...
147618021CVF35BN101791305S-231, R1. VF-25. Glossy medium brown and chocolate with a couple small spo...
3635918031CAU58BN10411051803 1C Small Date, Small Fraction. AU58 PCGS. S-247, B-5, R.3. Bland XF45;...
3642218041CVF20BN4611471804 1C Middle Die State. VF20 PCGS. S-266b, B-1, R.2. Photo #59275. Our E...
3643618061CXF40BN2101141S-270, B-1, R.1. The only variety for the year. While the 1806 is not a gre...
3644818071CAU53BN126531807 1C Large Fraction. AU53 PCGS. S-275, B-5, R.3. Bland VF35; tied for CC...
3646018081CAU55BN15534Ex: Boka Heritage 9/11: 3024.
3646618091CXF45BN27628Ex: Boka Heritage 9/11:3025.
3649618111CXF45BN141148Ex: Boka Heritage 9/11:3027
3649918121CAU55BN3218591812 1C Small Date. AU58 PCGS. S-290, B-2, R.1. Noyes XF40; tied for CC-15....
3652018141CAU58BN164367S-294 Crosslet four. Ex: Gerrie, Goldberg 2/13: 83. Frosty chocolate bro...