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39581518401CMS64+ BN12468N-3. R1. Tied for CC#4.Later die state (B) with a thin crack through the da...
183218411CMS63BN12191449N-6. E-MDS (a). Ex: Dr W Lee Superior 5/01: 1229.
183818421CMS64BN423954N-2 Rarity-1 MS-63 Small Date. Chocolate with some bluish tones. Choice, lu...
40583318431CMS65BN102444Ex: Naftzger Goldbergs 2009:664. N-12. Called MS63 and CC#2 of the business...
185618441CMS63BN14122144N-5. Superior 6/00:363. 2001 EAC Sale:473.
186218451CMS64BN1943567N-2, R.1. Brown with some faded mint red on the obverse and some sea green ...
186618461CMS64RB1372918N-8, R.1. Grellman Die State a. Ex: Heritage 1/11:3177 (as NGC MS65RB).
188418481CMS64RB33154839N-21, Low R.4. Grellman die state b.EAC 63. Ex: Heritage 5/07:183.
188618491CMS63BN3034491251849 Large Cent N-2 Rarity-2 AU-58. Brown with choice, lustrous surfaces. N...
188918501CMS64BN12768135519N-12. Joe Dooley 1/11/1997: 593. 2002 EAC sale:613.
189318511CMS64RB9364119148N-38. Brown with 20% faded mint red on the obverse and 40% faded mint red o...
190018521CMS64RD26202824N-3, R1. EAC MS64.
190218531CMS64RB228110242363N-11. B&M 11/06: 318. Brown with 35% of the mint red remaining on the obver...
190518541CMS65RB45461421854 N-24. Rarity-2. MS-65 RB (PCGS). A pleasing Gem cent. Largely rich ...
191118551CMS65RB50932121855 N-10. Rarity-1. Slanted 55. MS-65 RB (PCGS). Beautifully blended re...
192018561CMS64RB13539208116N-7. Brown with 40% mint red on the obverse and 60% mint red on the reverse...
193218571CMS64RB14850191857 1C Small Date MS65 Red and Brown NGC. N-2, High R.1. The reverse is mo...