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Morgan Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1878-1921): The Oreville Collection

The Oreville Collection

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About this set: Some really cool slabs here as well!

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The Oreville Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
  1878 8TF$1 
  1878 7TF$1 
  1878 7/8TF$1 
70821878-S$1MS64150875491157555714Gorgeous original mint bag toning.
70921879-S$1MS6714532181510224In a PCGS Regency holder.
71181880-S$1MS6457841502806504956460In the numiscap PCGS holder
71241881$1MS644490162846301656Green insert.
971271881-CC$1MS64DM45927686207463Purchased from Wayne J Skiles of Carousel Coin & Jewelry Exchange in 1999.
71301881-S$1MS6551419165985363017307In a PCGS Regency Holder. Note that it was marked 1995 A.N.A.
71441883-CC$1MS6415812115731873913663In a really old PCGS holder.
971471883-O$1MS64DM5011304093010288Purchased from Mika Visual II in February 2000.
71521884-CC$1MS6417294105712034812293In a really old Numiscap holder. Nice coin!
971591885$1MS63DM58510602404539676In rattler holder. Purchased from Robert Wojtas in Febuary 2000.
71721887$1MS6460746194136262820413In PCGS original rattler holder.
72541898-O$1MS6430136157373090516244In PCGS green insert.
72601899-O$1MS658030175981161805Green PCGS insert. The obverse has richly variegated golden-brown, violet, ...
72741901-O$1MS6529926183170639White coin.
72921904-O$1MS6343685652744477067499Nice mint bag toning with incredible streak of brilliancy! In PCGS original...