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Buffalo Nickels Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1913-1938): Garrow King's Basic Buffalo Set

Garrow King's Basic Buffalo Set

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About this set: Buffalo Nickels have always been my favorite coin to collect. From my childhood days I enjoyed pulling those well-worn nickels from pocket change. At thirteen years of age I was visiting my grandmother in Oklahoma City and saw a brilliant uncirculated 1938-D at Alexander's Coin Shop. That was the first of many BU Buffs I have aquired over these many years. I have certified a full collection that was housed in a Capital Plastic holder. While I liked the presentation of a full collection displayed this way, I look forward to building a PCGS registry set. I broke the set open and sent them to be graded on November 10, 2004. Most graded very well. Some I have already upgraded while others I have sold off to pay for these upgrades.

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Garrow King's Basic Buffalo Set
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
39151913 Type 15CMS66194865119486512004 Heritage
39161913-D Type 15CMS6645088451882010 Coins of the Realm
39171913-S Type 15CMS648645438665431990 Bonanza Coins, raw
39211913 Type 25CMS656072596112602005 Heritage Auctions
39221913-D Type 25CMS643642463642462006 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39231913-S Type 25CMS633955643955641975 New England Rare Coin Gallery, raw
392419145CMS653552013572032007 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39251914-D5CMS6518566185662008 Heritage Auctions
39261914-S5CMS644621934621932007 Teletrade
392719155CMS6625460254602010 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39281915-D5CMS642521872521872007 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39291915-S5CMS642541632541631996 Coins of the Realm, PCGS 63
393019165CMS6621233212332008 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39321916-D5CMS644561634561632008 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39331916-S5CMS643381413381412004 Heritage
393419175CMS653112083112082007 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39351917-D5CMS643661853681852005 Heritage
39361917-S5CMS642191172221172006 Heritage Auctions, Long Beach
393719185CMS644142934152941995 Coins of the Realm, PCGS 62
39381918-D5CMS631693401753681992 Baltimore Show, raw
39401918-S5CMS631502651522652007 Harry Laibstain
394119195CMS654421954421952007 David Lawrence RC
39421919-D5CMS6423486234862006 Heritage Auctions
39431919-S5CMS632082442082442006 Heritage
394419205CMS652581582591582007 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39451920-D5CMS631123561123562008 Teletrade
39461920-S5CMS631322731332731987 Rockville Coins, bid board AU!
394719215CMS643895093905131987 Coins of the Realm, raw
39481921-S5CMS6421384215862008 David Lawrence Rare Coins
394919235CMS653281943281942006 Crabtree Coins, Balt. Thanks, Thomas
39501923-S5CMS6441766417662009 David Lawrence Rare Coins
395119245CMS652261292261292008 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39521924-D5CMS643231843231842009 JMI Coin and Currency, Mike Sacilotto, Stewartstown, PA
39531924-S5CMS6415946159462012 Heritage Auctions
395419255CMS655402875402872007 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39551925-D5CMS643641373641372009 Dustin Massie, Baltimore Show
39561925-S5CMS632152892152942008 Teletrade
395719265CMS65103149910315011992 Coins of the Realm
39581926-D5CMS642191292201302009 Crabtree Coins, Thanks Tom!
39591926-S5CXF4586490864901993 Fremont Coin Gallery, Ron Miller as AU58
396019275CMS6633141331412007 Heritage Auctions Charlotte
39611927-D5CMS6445993459931993 George Pullen, NGC crossover
39621927-S5CMS631643191643202012 Heritage Auctions
396319285CMS655662705662701991 Golden Eagle Coin Exchange
39641928-D5CMS6537759377592007 David Lawrence
39651928-S5CMS6437797377972012 Great Collections
396619295CMS656032406072411990 Coins of the Realm, raw
39671929-D5CMS665755752009 Whitlow, Ltd., Thanks Mike.
39681929-S5CMS6621818218182007 Heritage
396919305CMS6642282435822008 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39701930-S5CMS654512034532051979 Coins of the Realm, raw, satin surfaces
39711931-S5CMS6649337493371974 New England Rare Coin Gallery, raw of course
397219345CMS6620435204352005 David Lawrence Rare Coins
39731934-D5CMS6541789417891992 Coins of the Realm, raw
397419355CMS666781656781652005 Heritage
39751935-D5CMS6618023180232005 Heritage Long Beach Signature Sale
39761935-S5CMS6642162421621984 Steve Ivy, raw of course
397719365CMS66122013412251351988 Bonanza Coins, raw
39781936-D5CMS676836931995 Coins of the Realm, raw
39791936-S5CMS6667894679942005 Heritage, Omaha Bank Hoard
398019375CMS6736745367451992 Golden Eagle Coin Exchange, from an original roll
39811937-D5CMS66185011718581182005 Heritage, Omaha Bank Hoard
39831937-S5CMS66174413817441382004 Heritage Auctions
39841938-D Buffalo5CMS6716837519871032005 Heritage, Omaha Bank Hoard