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832901965 1C SMS1CSP65CA41154118
832931966 1C SMS1CSP67CA220221A very nice SMS Cameo Lincoln - the closest thing to a prooflike SMS Lincol...
832961967 1C SMS1CSP66CA64306430
841971965 5C SMS5CSP67CA9559521
841981966 5C SMS5CSP67CA157815732
941991967 5C SMS5CSP67DC3713717
852401965 10C SMS10CSP67CA701370238
852411966 10C SMS10CSP68CA380385
852421967 10C SMS10CSP68CA671676
59971965 25C SMS25CSP68670672Very near Cameo
859981966 25C SMS25CSP67CA93109366
859991967 25C SMS25CSP68CA581585
868451965 50C SMS50CSP67CA162616245
868461966 50C SMS50CSP67CA29113291115
868471967 50C SMS50CSP68CA420427
I own a 1966 and 1967 SPECIAL MINTS. I would like to know the approx. value. They have not been broken out. Thanks, Stan
Posted @ 5/16/2008 4:51 AM By esanja