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About this set: Welcome to the Pocket Piece Collection...that is, coins that have apparently spent a lot of time in someones pocket or in circulation! Ever had a pocket piece - that is a coin that you carried around raw for years and years? They get very smooth and the details slowly vanish until you're left with a very very low grade coin - a pocket piece. This set is a tribute to the circulation of coins - coins that have paid their dues in serving this wonderful country and have at last, found their peace of mind residing in a PCGS holder for posterity (so to speak). Check back often as there will always be some new pieces coming into this set but its going to be awhile before they ALL get here!

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Pocket Piece
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
Half Cent (1793-1857)100017931/2CPO1BN11488
Large Cent (1793-1857)13411793 Chain1CPO1BN32421NGC Cross
Flying Eagle Cent (1856-1858)201618571CFR244357Home Made
Indian Head Cent (1859-1909)205218591CFR232855Home Made
Lincoln Cent (1909-present)244119111CAG3BN1253Home made
Two Cents (1864-1873)357618642CFR2BN21858Home made
Three Cent Nickel (1865-1889)373218663CNFR21900Home Made
Three Cent Silver (1851-1873) 367218563CSPO11423Home Made
Shield Nickel (1866-1889)379418675CPO111053Home Made
Liberty Nickel (1883-1913)384518845CPO11639Braddick
Buffalo Nickel (1913-1938)391519135CPO1211830Home Made
Jefferson Nickel (1938-present)400019385CFR211479From JohnO
Early Half Dime (1792-1837)42871836H10CPO11332Home Made
Liberty Seated Half Dime (1837-1873)43191839H10CPO11285Home Made
Early Dime (1796-1837)4477180510CPO13452Home Made
Liberty Seated Dime (1837-1891)4679187610CPO11415Brian Jordan
Barber Dime (1892-1916)48251901-O10CPO11166Home Made
Mercury Dime (1916-1945)49081916-S10CPO13884
Roosevelt Dime (1946-present)50891948-D10CAG31843From Jon Rosenthal
Twenty Cents (1875-1878)52981875-S20CPO163907From ANR
Early Quarter (1796-1838)5316180725CPO111387Home made
Liberty Seated Quarter (1838-1891)5432185425CPO19735Home made
Barber Quarter (1892-1916)5628190125CPO12381Home Made
Standing Liberty Quarter (1916-1930)5704191625CPO1141288
Washington Quarter (1932-present)59141983-P25CPO111167Kome Made
Early Half Dollar (1794-1839)6090180850CPO12766Home made
Liberty Seated Half Dollar (1839-1891)63031861-O50CPO18426
Barber Half Dollar (1892-1915)64661893-O50CPO12361Home Made
Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947)65761918-S50CFR241445Home made
Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963)66521948-D50CFR221455JohnO
Kennedy Half Dollar (1964-present)6706196450CPO136275Jon Rosenthal
Early Dollar (1794-1804)68781799$1PO183003Teletrade
Liberty Seated Dollar (1836-1873)69591866$1PO11208Braddick
Trade Dollar (1873-1885)70311873T$1FR21289Braddick
Morgan Dollar (1878-1921)73001921-S$1PO11712054from Dennis Halladay
Peace Dollar (1921-1935)73561921$1PO12016762PCI PO01 Cross
Eisenhower Dollar (1971-1978)74071971-D$1PO126330Thanks Jared
Susan B. Anthony Dollar (1979-1999)95721979-DSBA$1AG321583Braddick
Sacagawea Dollar (2000-present)95852000-DSAC$1MS654463105PCGS Boards
Presidential Dollar (2007-2016)   $1 
Gold Dollar (1849-1889)75731873G$1VG1011807
Early $2-1/2 (1796-1839)76941836$2.50AG32591Home made
Liberty Head $2-1/2 (1840-1907)77311843-O$2.50AG33362Home Made
Indian Head $2-1/2 (1908-1929)79391908$2.50PO116548Braddick, NGC cross
Indian Princess $3 (1854-1889)79821861$3FR21242Teletrade
Early $5 (1795-1838)81741836$5FR23844Home Made
Liberty Head $5 (1839-1908)82311847$5AG31503
Indian Head $5 (1908-1929)85271914$5G412324Home Made
Early $10 (1795-1804)   $10 
Liberty Head $10 (1838-1907)86051850-O$10FR21147Teletrade
Indian Head $10 (1907-1933)88681911$10FR228338Braddick
Liberty Head $20 (1850-1907)89881879$20G41469
$20 St. Gaudens (1907-1933)91891928$20AG3150514Braddick
Wow...this is a nice set! Worn coins speak what uncirculated coins cannot!
Posted @ 3/1/2015 3:10 PM By dvdpwilliams