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Hand me downs
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Owner's Comments
6706196450CMS66118253118664Beautiful gold/blue/pink toning front/back
67071964-D50CMS665384754548Nice golden toning
1460111964-D DDO FS-10150C 
  1964-D QDO FS-10550C 
  1964-D/D RPM FS-501 or RPM FS-50250C 
6708196550CMS661171811718Bright white, self-made. Prooflike coin.
6709196650CMS66646656Hazy back, some gold obverse rim toning
67111968-D50CMS663704337243Clean but not bright, doubled mint mark and ALL letters
67121969-D50CMS6613291329Original skin, bluish/golden hazy sort of toning, pretty. ex-John Ryan coin...
67131970-D50CMS664732947329Slight golden toning
67171971-D50CMS6719471967Haze on portrait, old green holder
  1972-D No "FG" FS-90150C 
6720197350CMS661263212632Bright white coin
67211973-D50CMS662295723057Old green holder, nice coin! Photo of spare toned coin
967231974-D DDO FS-10150CMS6431896502113E-bay nov 05, spare coin, slight golden toning on obverse
67261976 Clad50CMS6683148314PQ blue/gold/pink toning, self made Aug 05.
67271976-D Clad50CMS662443224432PQ coin for grade
67281976-S Silver50CMS6724103992414400Slight hazy spot on reverse
6731197750CMS661673516735Nice strike, brilliant
67321977-D50CMS661004210042Brilliant PQ coin from Teletrade
6733197850CMS661682916829PQ coin, green holder, photo is self made MS 65 rainbow!
67341978-D50CMS661482914829Nice coin for grade, slight gold toning starting, E-bay Jan 02
6735197950CMS661854818548Nice for grade, goldish tone
67361979-D50CMS661653516535Average for grade-gold toning
67371980-P50CMS6716901690Typical hazy, dark toning front and back
67381980-D50CMS6672357235Bright white coin, photo is self made MS 62 rainbow!
67391981-P50CMS661312613126Slight hazy surfaces, E-bay Aug 01
67411982-P50CMS662091320913Nice bright white coin. Have 3 spare no "FG" coins in MS 64 and 1 coin in M...
67421982-D50CMS661842018420Bright white coin, David Lawrence
67431983-P50CMS6698199819Slighty hazy obverse, E-bay Apr 01
67461984-D50CMS65125119125119Beautiful rainbow
67471985-P50CMS661575615756Average for the grade
67491986-P50CMS662185721857Very nice coin, brilliant
67501986-D50CMS66293167293167Beautiful blue/pink/golden rim tone
67511987-P50CMS662688426884Typical coin for grade
67521987-D50CMS6714571457Average coin for grade
67531988-P50CMS661545715457PQ coin, slight bluish haze starting
67541988-D50CMS6717311731From Richard Green, THANKS!
67551989-P50CMS661925319253Prooflike surfaces
67561989-D50CMS663067230672Average strike, few bagmarks
67571990-P50CMS661163711637Green holder, nice coin from Richard Green
67581990-D50CMS661421214212PQ for grade!
67591991-P50CMS661195511955Nice coin for grade
67601991-D50CMS661392913929Bright white
67611992-P50CMS6715671567Bright white, John Ryan''''''''''''''''s recovered coin
67621992-D50CMS6715131513Bright white coin
67631993-P50CMS6710201020Bright white, John Ryan''''''''''''''''s recovered coin
67641993-D50CMS66197103197103Nice strike, few bagmarks, gold/blue toning
67651994-P50CMS6714471447Beautiful bright white coin
67661994-D50CMS661475714757Average for grade
67671995-P50CMS6711161116Bright white, John Ryan''''''''''''''''s recovered coin
67691996-P50CMS673905539055Emzee PQ coin, old green holder
67701996-D50CMS673642136421Average for grade
67711997-P50CMS67977977Nice coin for grade
67721997-D50CMS67614614Bright white, John Ryan''''''''''''''''s recovered coin
67731998-P50CMS66151130151130PQ for grade
67741998-D50CMS661397513975Average coin for grade
67751998-S SMS50CSP6922223132222313
67761999-P50CMS674703047030PQ coin for grade!!
67771999-D50CMS6734283428Bright white coin
67782000-P50CMS672492124921Haze forming on eagle
67792000-D50CMS661326113261Nice coin for grade
67802001-P50CMS6818921892Haze on both sides. PCGS-68?!!!
67812001-D50CMS674834548345Average for grade
67822002-P50CMS67403110403110PQ for grade!!
67832002-D50CMS672781227812Average for grade
67842003-P50CMS6717861786Slight haze forming on obverse
67862004-P50CMS661246312463Average coin for grade
67872004-D50CMS674052740527Nice coin for grade
967882005-P Satin Finish50CSP6811825691182569Very nice coin for grade
967892005-D Satin Finish50CSP6840404040Nice coin for grade
967902006-P Satin Finish50CSP687159471594Bright white coin
967912006-D Satin Finish50C 
1495312007-P Satin Finish50C 
1495332007-D Satin Finish50CSP68864244864244
3949402008-P Satin Finish50C 
3949422008-D Satin Finish50C 
4072782009-P Satin Finish50C 
4072802009-D Satin Finish50CSP684592345923Very pretty coin
4167852010-P 50CMS6719561956
4167902010-P Satin Finish50C 
4167912010-D Satin Finish50C 
5051912011-P50CMS673202432024Thanks Pine Valley Coins!
  2014-P CLAD50C 
  2014-P CLAD 1964 Obverse50C 
  2014-D CLAD50C 
  2014-D CLAD 1964 Obverse50C 
  2014-D SILVER50C 
  2014-S SILVER50C 
968001964 PR50CPR68DC266812662387Beautiful black and white! Teletrade, May 02.
68011964 Accented Hair PR50CPR6840148408169Brilliant proof DDO minor variety
68451965 SMS50CSP6770828710208Spot free, haze free, Teletrade
68461966 SMS50CSP686316519PQ bright white coin, Teletrade, 2003
  1966 SMS No "FG" 50C 
1460441966 SMS Doubled Die Obverse (FS-103)50CSP67703703Spot/haze free.
968471967 SMS50CSP66DC8392831332
968041968-S PR50CPR69DC3431634316Old green holder, deep cameo coin, E-bay, Jul 06
968051969-S PR50CPR69DC59015902Old green holder, deep cameo coin, E-bay, Jul 06
968061970-S PR50CPR68DC802251802603Beautiful black and white, no spots/haze, self made from proof set
968071971-S PR50CPR68DC27166271494Beautiful black and white-have rainbow toned 68DCAM too.
968081972-S PR50CPR69DC64506450
968091973-S PR50CPR69DC711726711726Average for grade, E-bay, Sep 05
968101974-S PR50CPR69DC880241880241Average coin for grade, E-bay, Jul 05
968111976-S CLAD PR50CPR69DC18108741810875Beautiful coin
968121976-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC2589416525894165Bright white coin, E-bay, Christmas 2005
968151977-S PR50CPR69DC1040033610400336Old green holder, very nice
968161978-S PR50CPR69DC1183162711831627PQ coin, old green holder
968181979-S TYPE 1 PR50CPR69DC89525088952508DEEP black and white cameo, E-bay, Jul 05
968191979-S TYPE 2 PR50CPR69DC51002755101275Beautiful coin
968201980-S PR50CPR69DC87073828707382DEEP cameo coin, green holder, E-bay, Jun 05
968211981-S TYPE 1 PR50CPR69DC1083534910835349Replaced by 70DCAM, old green holder-NICE, E-bay, Oct 00
968221981-S TYPE 2 PR50CPR69DC205963207963Bright white coin
968231982-S PR50CPR69DC63232836323283DEEP cameo, no spots/haze, E-bay, Apr 04
968241983-S PR50CPR69DC59313895931389Replaced by 70DCAM, no spots/haze, E-bay, Nov 01
968251984-S PR50CPR69DC55732125573212E-bay, Sep 05
968261985-S PR50CPR69DC56453355645335
968271986-S PR50CPR69DC61203466120346Replaced by 70DCAM, spot free/haze free, E-bay, Oct 00
968281987-S PR50CPR69DC60174926017492Replaced by 70DCAM, old green holder-NICE, E-bay, Apr 00
968291988-S PR50CPR69DC52093465216346Bit of haze on bottom-needs replacing :o(
968301989-S PR50CPR69DC49953804995380Replaced by 70DCAM, perhipheral hazing, E-bay, Aug 00
968311990-S PR50CPR69DC55634665563467Replaced by 70DCAM, spot on neck
968321991-S PR50CPR69DC50318895031889Replaced by 70DCAM, hazy
968331992-S PR50CPR70DC70407040Actual certification #: 7715052
968341992-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC66006600Actual certification #: 7877743
968351993-S PR50CPR69DC48546924854692No spots/haze nice coin, E-bay, Aug 05
968361993-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC38934423893442
968371994-S PR50CPR69DC44837554483755Green holder gem
968381994-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC37025343702534
968391995-S PR50CPR69DC42226074222607Gem Green holder
968401995-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC34795443479544Replaced by 70DCAM, equal to that coin! R&I coins, Jun 00
968411996-S PR50CPR69DC40465284046528Gift from John Ryan-THANKS!!
968421996-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC38023943802394Bright white coin
968431997-S PR50CPR69DC41475324147532No spots/haze, deep cameo, E-bay, Jan 06
968481997-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC39715223971522Replaced by 70DCAM, 3 faint small spots on rev, R&I Coins, Jun 00
968491998-S PR50CPR69DC38446273844627
969091998-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC40586624058662
969101999-S PR50CPR69DC42883454288345
969111999-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC57763115776311
969122000-S PR50CPR69DC55403675540367
969132000-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC74255147425514Beautiful spot/haze free, DEEP cameo, E-bay, Mar 04
969142001-S PR50CPR69DC51323095132309
969152001-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC53824425382442Flawless DEEP beauty, E-bay, Sep 05
969162002-S PR50CPR69DC40884704088470
969172002-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC54616135461613Nice coin for grade, E-bay, Sep 05
969182003-S PR50CPR69DC42913764291376Nice coin, E-bay, Sep 05
969192003-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC63484526348452
969202004-S PR50CPR69DC49152924915292
969212004-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC70034767003476Nice coin for grade
969742005-S PR50CPR69DC56292135629213DEEP black and white cameo, E-bay, sep 05
969752005-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC52795705279570Nice coin for grade
969762006-S PR50CPR69DC43442434344243Bright white coin
969772006-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC41324234132423Bright white coin
1495582007-S PR50CPR69DC36231513623151
1495612007-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC40833184083318
3949522008-S PR50CPR69DC25671852567185Bright white coin for Dad's set.
3949552008-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC34044183404418Bright white coin to update Dad's set.
4072832009-S PR50CPR69DC35853693585369Actual certification #: 14922537
4072862009-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC42604260NIce black and white deep cameo.
4191232010-S PR50CPR69DC26522532652253
4167892010-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC26999372699937
5051992011-S PR50CPR69DC8091113060486
5052002011-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC617015580
5118782012-S PR50CPR69DC259301059148Thanks Seth!
  2012-S SILVER PR50C 
5168912013-S PR50CPR69DC328361410162
  2013-S SILVER PR50C 
  2014-P SILVER PR50C 
  2014-S CLAD PR50C 
  2014-S SILVER PR50C 
  2014-W SILVER PR50C 
  2014-W GOLD PR50C 
  2015-S 50C 
  2015-S SILVER50C 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.