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Kennedy Half Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes and Proof (1964-Present): Hand me downs

Hand me downs

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Hand me downs
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
6706196450CMS66124174124585Beautiful gold/blue/pink toning front/back
67071964-D50CMS666006761269Nice golden toning
6708196550CMS661262212622Bright white, self-made. Prooflike coin.
6709196650CMS66859879Hazy back, some gold obverse rim toning
67111968-D50CMS664104341243Clean but not bright, doubled mint mark and ALL letters
67121969-D50CMS661431314313Bright obverse, hazy/pink/gold/green reverse rim toning. Ex-Shelton/Clough ...
67131970-D50CMS665032950329Slight golden toning
67171971-D50CMS6719671987Haze on portrait, old green holder
6720197350CMS661283212832Bright white coin
67211973-D50CMS662355723657True serial #: 6469833
67231974-D50CMS661963120531True serial #: 26761982, new holderBright white coin
67261976 CLAD50CMS6684148414PQ blue/gold/pink toning, self made Aug 05.
67271976-D CLAD50CMS662473424734
67281976-S SILVER50CMS6725314112540412Slight hazy spot on reverse
6731197750CMS661713517135Nice strike, brilliant
67321977-D50CMS661014210142Brilliant PQ coin from Teletrade
6733197850CMS661733117331PQ coin, green holder, photo is self made MS 65 rainbow!
67341978-D50CMS661482914829Nice coin for grade, slight gold toning starting, E-bay Jan 02
6735197950CMS661854818548Nice for grade, goldish tone
67361979-D50CMS661663516635Average for grade-gold toning
67371980-P50CMS6716901690Typical hazy, dark toning front and back
67381980-D50CMS6674357435Bright white coin, photo is self made MS 62 rainbow!
67391981-P50CMS661322613226Slight hazy surfaces, E-bay Aug 01
67411982-P50CMS662221922219Nice bright white coin. Have 3 spare no "FG" coins in MS 64 and 1 coin in M...
67421982-D50CMS661962119621Bright white coin, David Lawrence
67431983-P50CMS661032010320Slighty hazy obverse, E-bay Apr 01
67461984-D50CMS65127122127122Beautiful rainbow
67471985-P50CMS661575715757Average for the grade
67491986-P50CMS662185721857Very nice coin, brilliant
67501986-D50CMS66299170299170Beautiful blue/pink/golden rim tone
67511987-P50CMS662698526985Typical coin for grade
67521987-D50CMS6714571457Average coin for grade
67531988-P50CMS661555715557PQ coin, slight bluish haze starting
67541988-D50CMS6717311731Bright white PQ coin
67551989-P50CMS661945319453Prooflike surfaces
67561989-D50CMS663107231072Average strike, few bagmarks
67571990-P50CMS661163811638Green holder, nice coin from Richard Green
67581990-D50CMS661441214412PQ for grade!
67591991-P50CMS661225512255Nice coin for grade
67601991-D50CMS661402914029Bright white
67611992-P50CMS6715671567Bright white, John Ryan''''''''''''''''s recovered coin
67621992-D50CMS6715231523Bright white coin
67631993-P50CMS6710201020Bright white, John Ryan''''''''''''''''s recovered coin
67641993-D50CMS66198103198103Nice strike, few bagmarks, gold/blue toning
67651994-P50CMS6714471447Beautiful bright white coin
67661994-D50CMS661475714757Average for grade
67671995-P50CMS6711361136Bright white, John Ryan''''''''''''''''s recovered coin
67691996-P50CMS673905739057Emzee PQ coin, old green holder
67701996-D50CMS673662136621Average for grade
67711997-P50CMS67977977Nice coin for grade
67721997-D50CMS67624624Bright white, John Ryan''''''''''''''''s recovered coin
67731998-P50CMS66152130152130PQ for grade
67741998-D50CMS661397613976Average coin for grade
67761999-P50CMS674703047030PQ coin for grade!!
67771999-D50CMS6734283428Bright white coin
67782000-P50CMS672492124921Haze forming on eagle
67792000-D50CMS661336113361Nice coin for grade
67802001-P50CMS6818921892Haze on both sides. PCGS-68?!!!
67812001-D50CMS674834548345Average for grade
67822002-P50CMS67406110406110PQ for grade!!
67832002-D50CMS672781227812Average for grade
67842003-P50CMS6717861786Slight haze forming on obverse
67862004-P50CMS661256412564Average coin for grade
67872004-D50CMS674062740627Nice coin for grade
967882005-P50CSP6811835691188570Very nice coin for grade
967892005-D50CSP6841404190Nice coin for grade
967902006-P50CSP68723100739100Bright white coin
1495302007-P50CMS6725438307976Very nice for grade
5051912011-P50CMS673212432124Thanks Pine Valley Coins!
  2014-P CLAD50C 
  2014-D CLAD50C 
  2014-D SILVER50C 
  2014-S SILVER50C 
968001964 PR50CPR68DC266842762457Beautiful black and white! Teletrade, May 02.
68451965 SMS50CSP6773728739212Spot free, haze free, Teletrade
68461966 SMS50CSP686416819PQ bright white coin, Teletrade, 2003
968471967 SMS50CSP66DC83101831377
968041968-S PR50CPR69DC3441634416Old green holder, deep cameo coin, E-bay, Jul 06
968051969-S PR50CPR69DC59915992Old green holder, deep cameo coin, E-bay, Jul 06
968061970-S PR50CPR68DC806253806606Beautiful black and white, no spots/haze, self made from proof set
968071971-S PR50CPR68DC27267272496Beautiful black and white-have rainbow toned 68DCAM too.
968081972-S PR50CPR69DC65006500
968091973-S PR50CPR69DC725726725726Average for grade, E-bay, Sep 05
968101974-S PR50CPR69DC902846902846Average coin for grade, E-bay, Jul 05
968111976-S CLAD PR50CPR69DC18851811885182Beautiful coin
968121976-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC2656118026561180Bright white coin, E-bay, Christmas 2005
968151977-S PR50CPR69DC1080437110804371Average coin for grade, E-bay, Jul 05
968161978-S PR50CPR69DC1212566612125666PQ coin, E-bay, Mar 00
968181979-S PR50CPR69DC918955714398843DEEP black and white cameo, E-bay, Jul 05
968201980-S PR50CPR69DC88794098879409DEEP cameo coin, green holder, E-bay, Jun 05
968211981-S PR50CPR69DC1114237113289437Replaced by 70DCAM, old green holder-NICE, E-bay, Oct 00
968231982-S PR50CPR69DC65833096583309DEEP cameo, no spots/haze, E-bay, Apr 04
968241983-S PR50CPR69DC61564196156419Replaced by 70DCAM, no spots/haze, E-bay, Nov 01
968251984-S PR50CPR69DC57772395777239E-bay, Sep 05
968261985-S PR50CPR69DC57193535719353Old green holder, slight rev perhipheral haze, E-bay, Apr 00
968271986-S PR50CPR69DC61893636189363Replaced by 70DCAM, spot free/haze free, E-bay, Oct 00
968281987-S PR50CPR69DC61165196116519Replaced by 70DCAM, old green holder-NICE, E-bay, Apr 00
968291988-S PR50CPR69DC54374005446400Bit of haze on bottom-needs replacing :o(
968301989-S PR50CPR69DC51644205164420Replaced by 70DCAM, perhipheral hazing, E-bay, Aug 00
968311990-S PR50CPR69DC58375215837522Replaced by 70DCAM, spot on neck
968321991-S PR50CPR69DC50859095085909Replaced by 70DCAM, hazy
968331992-S PR50CPR69DC46987404698740Replaced by 70DCAM, no spots/haze
968341992-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC49777244981724Replaced by 70DCAM, no spots/haze-NICE! E-bay, Jul 00
968351993-S PR50CPR69DC49517214951721
968361993-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC40555004055500Slight obverse rim haze beggining to form, E-bay, Jan 06
968371994-S PR50CPR69DC45887894588789no spots/haze, nice coin, E-bay, Oct 00
968381994-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC38065653806565bright white coin, E-bay, Jan 06
968391995-S PR50CPR69DC43616384361638Nice coin, no spots/haze, David Hall, Jun 04
968401995-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC35815683581568Replaced by 70DCAM, equal to that coin! R&I coins, Jun 00
968411996-S PR50CPR69DC40805414080541Gift from John Ryan-THANKS!!
968421996-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC39194273919427Bright white coin
968431997-S PR50CPR69DC42755694275569No spots/haze, deep cameo, E-bay, Jan 06
968481997-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC40735554073555Replaced by 70DCAM, 3 faint small spots on rev, R&I Coins, Jun 00
968491998-S PR50CPR69DC38996443899644
969091998-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC41757094175709
969101999-S PR50CPR69DC44883714488371
969111999-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC60874106087410
969122000-S PR50CPR69DC56934045693404Bright white coin, no spots/haze, E-bay, Jan 06
969132000-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC75165297516529Beautiful spot/haze free, DEEP cameo, E-bay, Mar 04
969142001-S PR50CPR69DC52843345284334
969152001-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC56985625698562Flawless DEEP beauty, E-bay, Sep 05
969162002-S PR50CPR69DC41564924156492
969172002-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC55376375537637Nice coin for grade, E-bay, Sep 05
969182003-S PR50CPR69DC44193974419397Nice coin, E-bay, Sep 05
969192003-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC64354776435477
969202004-S PR50CPR69DC50012985001298
969212004-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC71504907150490Nice coin for grade
969742005-S PR50CPR69DC57862425786242DEEP black and white cameo, E-bay, sep 05
969752005-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC53845955384595Nice coin for grade
969762006-S PR50CPR69DC44712574471257Bright white coin
969772006-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC42554534255453Bright white coin
1495582007-S PR50CPR69DC36851583685158
1495612007-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC41733414173341
3949522008-S PR50CPR69DC26351942635194Bright white coin for Dad's set.
3949552008-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC35584403558440Bright white coin to update Dad's set.
4072832009-S PR50CPR69DC36403763640376Actual certification #: 14922537
4072862009-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC46104610
4191232010-S PR50CPR69DC27042652704265
4167892010-S SILVER PR50CPR69DC2788101127881011
5051992011-S PR50CPR69DC8091113116504
5052002011-S SILVER PR50CPR70DC617016210
5118782012-S PR50CPR69DC259301093160Thanks Seth!
  2012-S SILVER PR50C 
  2013-S PR50C 
  2013-S SILVER PR50C 
  2014-P SILVER PR50C 
  2014-S CLAD PR50C 
  2014-S SILVER PR50C 
  2014-W SILVER PR50C 
  2014-W GOLD PR50C 
  2015-S PR50C 
  2015-S SILVER PR50C