M A C Peace Dollar Collection

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About this set: I have been collecting Peace Dollars since childhood. Certified Peace Dollars since 1992 Upgrading when possible.

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M A C Peace Dollar Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
73561921 Peace, High Relief$1MS661708Premium Gem/CAC
73571922$1MS66+4625Premium Gem/CAC
73581922-D$1MS66+43Premium Gem/CAC
73591922-S$1MS65+127Premium Gem/CAC
73601923$1MS66+13054Superb Gem/CAC
73611923-D$1MS66884Premium Gem/CAC
73621923-S$1MS651273Premium Gem/CAC
73631924$1MS66+4429Premium Gem/CAC
73641924-S$1MS64+7984Very Choice/CAC
73651925$1MS66+11394Premium Gem/CAC
73661925-S$1MS64+11339White Gem/CAC
73671926$1MS66+50Superb Gem/CAC
73681926-D$1MS66+58Superb Gem/CAC
73691926-S$1MS66722Premium Gem/CAC
73701927$1MS6529616White Gem/CAC
73711927-D$1MS65+810Premium Gem/CAC
73721927-S$1MS65712Premium Gem
73731928$1MS65+814Superb Gem/CAC
73741928-S$1MS65542Premium Gem/CAC
73751934$1MS661576Premium Gem/CAC
73761934-D$1MS66634Premium Gem/CAC
73771934-S$1MS65+1427Premium Gem/CAC
73781935$1MS661888White PQ Gem
73791935-S$1MS661304Premium Gem/CAC
I sure would like to see a picture of your 27s ? Larry
Posted @ 10/9/2009 10:38 PM By LASHAP