Set Composition

IssueWeightNo Suffix DeductionCA Deduction
1971-S SILVER 1.00-2-1
1972-S SILVER 1.00-2-1
1973-S CLAD 2.00-2-1
1973-S SILVER 2.00-2-1
1974-S CLAD 3.00-2-1
1974-S SILVER 2.00-2-1
1976-S CLAD 2.00-2-1
1976-S SILVER 1.00-2-1
1977-S 2.00-2-1
1978-S 1.00-2-1
Divisor: 17.00

Note: No suffix deductions are for coins without special designations like non-Red Brown copper (RB), non-Red copper (RD), non-Full Step (FS) Jefferson nickels, non-Full Band (FB) Mercury dimes and Roosevelt dimes, non-Full Head (FH) Standing Liberty quarters, non-Full Bell Lines (FL) Franklin half dollars, non-Proofllike (PL) dollars, non-Deep Mirror (DM) dollars, non-Cameo (CA) and non-Deep Cameo (DC) proofs.