Description: Hi :) For those of you who don't collect "world" coins, I hope this set opens your eyes to the beauty and diversity of non-USA coins. I tried to give equal weight to design, mintage, and grade when selecting. Enjoy! ~Nick (Twitter @coinkings)

ImagePCGS No.DateDenomVarietyGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
4441751993500 DrAnniv. of DemocracyPR69DC20Greece; mintage 30,000
23142319205 ShilX#1aPR6410Australia; mintage 700
513438201025 KrHistoryPR69DC10Estonia; mintage 15,000
88706919825 FrGotthardPR6810Switzerland; mintage 65,110
1684061969£1SilverMS6574Biafra; RR; mintage unlisted
15144519692 RiyalAzzubairi Memorial AgPR68DC40Yemen, mintage 4,200
51440219975 Talaas KM117/Kiribati KM24 PR69DC10Kiribati; mintage 10,000
79798720017.5M LKM-1132PR66DC10Turkey; rectangle
5134551972500 Fr PL6820West African States; mintage 2,000
14237619732 Suc MS66100Ecuador; mintage 35