Coins Certified as of 1/16


Over the years we have received hundreds of emails from PCGS Set RegistrySM participants. Here's a sampling of what they have told us:

The PCGS Set RegistrySM is good conversation piece, a welcome mat for aspiring numismatists, and an open door for experienced collectors…JK

The PCGS registry site has opened an era of coin collecting that dovetails with the modern coin collector. Coins can be listed and described and viewed anywhere in the world at any time. Coin collectors now have the ability to see how their set stacks up against other current collectors and certain classic collections such as Eliasberg …PKS

The Registry has provided in some measure how my set stacks up against the best sets in the world...CN

Pure fun... DB

PCGS Set RegistrySM is a learning experience and a test of knowledge. It gives me the ability to broaden my horizons with the intent to have a #1 Registry set (which I have)...MS (YN)

The Set Registry got me interested in coins again. I am more focused on completing a set rather than scattered collecting. The Set Registry is an electronic coin album with worldwide exposure...DW

The Set Registry has created competition within the coin industry parallel with Olympic competitors...SB

PCGS has literally changed the coin collecting hobby as we know it. You can use the registry as an inventory tool, able to access your coins in a matter of seconds, while at the same time join in friendly competition...PBG

The PCGS Set RegistrySM is a fun place to "show off" my coins...SJC

The Registry provides an incentive to actually complete a set. Since the advent of certified coins, I had collected haphazardly and had assembled a good accumulation of coins, but very few complete sets. The Registry is a lot like having the coin albums of years past, and fuels the desire to complete sets…SG

It's the perfect virtual coin book - I can look at my sets anytime, anywhere, and even if I can't hold them in my hands, I know what I have and what I need to complete the sets!!!...CR

The PCGS Set RegistrySM is great for education. It is also a lot of fun to search for nice high end examples to put in your set...DH

The Set Registry is a virtual coin album. It is neat to be able to view great collections. Many people have gone to the trouble of posting photos of their most interesting coins. That makes for a great learning experience...CW

The PCGS Set RegistrySM is the next best thing to being there. Where else can you view some of the greatest PCGS-graded collections in one place?...BH

The Registry good way to store and organize images. I wish I could keep my coins at home to study and enjoy them, but for security reasons they're kept at the bank, unless I'm taking photographs. I also like to let others see my coins, and view the photos others have posted...JC

The Set Registry has forever changed the landscape of coin collecting. The Registry has created a public forum for collectors to display their collections and compare their achievements with peers. This paradigm shift has forever altered the hobby and has encouraged more collectors to become involved as is clearly apparent in the Registry having reached over 10,000 sets in just a few years...CH