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Have You Recently Inherited a Coin Collection or Considered Returning to the Hobby?


What do I have? What are my coins worth?

If your coins are old and appear to be in good condition, it’s possible they may be worth a substantial amount of money. Rarity and condition are the two primary factors in determining a coin’s worth.

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How do I get the best price for my coins?

By having your coins graded and authenticated by PCGS, you will learn their true market value, maximize their worth and make them easier to sell. The two primary criteria for establishing a coin's worth are its rarity and its condition. The condition of a coin determines its grade.

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What if I decide not to sell?

Coin collecting is a truly fascinating hobby that also has great investment possibilities. Today, there are tens of millions of coin collectors in the United States alone. In the process of determining the value of your coins and having them graded, it's quite possible that you will get the "collecting bug" and decide you don't want to sell your coins after all. You may decide to build upon your collection.

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The rare coin market is volatile and thinly capitalized. Significant price swings over short periods of time are always possible. PCGS, its principals and representatives in no way guarantee a profit or guarantee against a loss on any PCGS-certified coin you buy or sell.