Coins Certified as of 11/25
Have You Recently Inherited a Coin Collection or Considered Returning to the Hobby?
What if I decide not to sell?
If you decide to keep your coins and get serious about coin collecting, a conservative, long-term approach is best. The most important thing is to have fun!
  • Develop a relationship with a dealer you can trust and who can assist you with your collecting goals. [PCGS Participating Authorized Dealers]
  • Ask questions and educate yourself about coins before investing. A subscription to [PCGS CoinFacts] is the best place to start. An informed collector is a happy collector.
  • Select a collecting theme and stick to it. Start with reasonable collecting goals and branch out from there.
  • The [PCGS Set RegistrySM] offers a great avenue for enthusiastic collectors. It’s free, and it’s fun for all levels of collectors. With the PCGS Set Registry, you can start with just a few coins and end up building a fantastic, sought-after collection.
  • Add to your collection. Coins are available through your dealer, coin shows, and online marketplaces such as [Collectors CornerSM].
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