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PCGS TrueView Photography Service

PCGS has introduced the TrueView photography service in response to the growing needs of the coin collector in this digital age. Gone are the days when images of coins were limited to auction catalogues and pricing guides - now they're everywhere from websites that supply information to online auctions where the quality of the coin photo plays an important factor in selling a numismatic gem.

The purpose of the PCGS TrueView photo service is to provide a quality image of a coin at the most opportune moment - before the coin is encapsulated in plastic. This will provide the customer with an unobstructed view of a coin in an image that can be utilized for a number of numismatic and commercial purposes.

As with every coin that flows into PCGS, we take great pains to ensure that your coins are handled in a professional manner. All coins are photographed with professional equipment on a soft velvet pad and handled with delicate care.

TrueView Peace DollarRetrieval
The standard size for all all TrueView images is 550 pixels by 278 pixels and are under 100kb in size, perfect for eBay and the PCGS Set Registry. However, crisp large-scale photos that are 4400 pixels by 2220 pixels are also available to any TrueView customer on CD (or DVD depending on volume) for a small fee. These large scale images are perfect for beautiful prints and for numismatic study.

To access your standard sized photos, please follow these five easy steps.
• To retrieve your TrueView photos, simply open your web browser and proceed to www.pcgs.com
• Scroll down until you see a link entitled 'Cert Verification' on the left side of the page.
• Once you have clicked 'Cert Verification' the page will now ask you to enter the certification number (i.e. 50143963)
• Once you have entered the cert number all the information on your coin should appear including a smaller version of your TrueView photograph.
• To see the larger version simply click on the smaller picture and a new image will pop up in a separate window.

Submitting PCGS MS66
Please follow the link below to start the submission process. Photo service options will be available to you on the submission form. If you would like to purchase a CD of large images of your coins please add on an additional $25.

If you have specific instructions on what you would like our photographer to highlight in your coin photos please do not hesitate to include them with your submission or email [email protected].

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