Coins Certified as of 11/26

PCGS Variety Program

Variety Attribution: PCGS will attribute select varieties. To submit coins, verify particular coin is recognized under this program by referring to the list below. You may submit raw, regrade and crossover coins. Turnaround time is not guaranteed but we will make every effort to return the order in the time specified.
  1. What varieties does PCGS recognize?

    PCGS recognizes the following varieties:

    • Half Cents (1793-1857) by Cohen numbers
    • Large Cents (1793-1814) by Sheldon numbers
    • Large Cents (1816-1857) by Newcomb numbers
    • Half Dimes (1794-1837) by Logan/McCloskey numbers
    • Dimes (1796-1837) by John Reich Society numbers
    • NEW Liberty Seated Dimes (1837-1891) by Fortin numbers
    • Quarter Dollars (1796-1838) by Browning numbers
    • Half Dollars (1794-1836) by Overton numbers
    • Capped Bust Reeded Edge Half Dollars (1936 – 1939) by the Dick Graham (GR) numbers
    • Liberty Seated Half Dollars by Wiley-Bugert (WB) number
    • Dollars (1794-1804) by Bolender and Bowers/Borckardt numbers
    • Morgan and Peace Dollars (1878-1935) by VAM numbers (Includes TOP 100, HOT 50, and Hit List 40; see list)
    • Gold Quarter Eagles, Half Eagles and Eagles (1795-1834) by Bass/Dannreuther numbers
    • Fivaz-Stanton Varieties from the Cherrypickers Guide, Fourth Edition Vol. II and Fifth Edition Vol. I (see list for exclusions)
  • What is a VAM?

    VAM is an acronym for the authors of the Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morganand Peace Dollars, Leroy Van Allen and A. George Mallis. In their book, they identified and assigned a VAM number for each of the different die pairs used to strike Morgan and Peace dollars. In all there are over 3,000 different VAM numbers.

  • What VAMs does PCGS recognize?

    PCGS will attribute 317 Morgan and 52 Peace dollar varieties.Click here for a complete listing.

  • Why not do all of the 3,000 VAMs?

    Most of the VAMs are not significant and do not bring a premium over the common variety. The varieties that PCGS will do have been identified by variety collectors as worthy of specific recognition. They are listed in: The Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties: The VAM Keys; SSDC Official Guide to the Hot 50 Morgan Dollar Varieties; The Official Guide to the Top 50 Peace Dollars; The 1878 Morgan Dollar 8-TF Attribution Guide; The VAM book, Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan and Peace Dollars and The Official Guide to The Morgan Dollar Hit List 40..

  • What does the service cost?

    The cost is $18 added to the level of service utilized. For example, if you chose a Regular service level ($32/coin) plus variety attribution, your grading fees would come to $50. Crossover submissions are acceptable. Show Service is not available. To add a variety to an already graded PCGS coin, the cost is $18 plus the corresponding reholder fee if the customer is not requesting a grading service level. The same fees apply to dealers adding this service to their orders.

  • May I mix Varieties with non-varieties on my PCGS submission?

    Yes. On the submission form under the variety column, indicate the specific coin variety being requested for each coin and check off the variety box provided. Reference question five above for further details in calculating cost per coin.

  • Is the Variety Attribution guaranteed?


  • What are the turnaround times on Variety submissions?

    In general, add 3-5 business days to the Service Level turnaround time. Certain varieties may require consultation with outside experts, in which case turnaround times may be longer. However, PCGS makes every effort to expedite your order in such cases.

  • Who can submit coins for the Variety Program?

    PCGS Collectors Club members and PCGS Authorized Dealers can submit coins to PCGS under the Variety Program.

  • "I have an 1889 Morgan Dollar with a double ear. It is similar to VAM-16 in the HOT 50 Book. Will PCGS attribute this variety for me?"

    No. Only VAMs-16, 18 and 20 listed in the Hot 50 book will be attributed. The remaining double ear varieties for the 1889 dollar will not be attributed.

  • Will I be charged if my coin does not qualify for Variety Attribution?

    In the event the coin does not qualify for a variety or is not a variety PCGS currently recognizes, PCGS will still charge a fee of $9 per coin. PCGS graders must examine the coin and research to determine whether or not a variety is appropriate. Thus the service is still provided. As a result, PCGS will only charge 50% of the original Variety Attribution fee.

    Note: If requesting Variety Attribution on a Crossover and the coin does not cross, on Reconsideration and the coin does not upgrade, or requesting a Minimum Grade and the minimum grade is not met – in these instances, the variety fee will be $0.