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Spencer Collection George III Proof Half-Guinea Set - 2nd

2005 2006 2007
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About This Set: Besides business strikes, the Spencer Collection includes English Pattern and Proof coins from collections dating back at least to Captain Douglas-Morris. The Douglas-Morris collection in turn, contained coins from earlier famous collections, including Hyman Montagu (assembled during the latter half of the nineteenth century), J.G. Murdock, and the Nobleman sale conducted in 1922. Coins from subsequent auctions also contributed to the Douglas-Morris collection, such as Reginald Huth (1927), G. Hamilton Smith (1927), S.A.H. Whetmore (1943); and Lady Duveen (1964). The Douglas-Morris coins were sold by Sotheby & Co. on the 26th day of November, 1974, and much of the information above mentioned comes from the Sotheby catalogue entitled "The Distinguished Collection of English Gold Coins 1700-1900 formed by Captain K.J. Douglas-Morris". The Spencer Collection of Half Guinea Proofs and Pattern Proofs also contains the finest known example of the 1762 Pattern Proof, WR 125, R4, Ex Selig Collection and more recently, Ex Terner Collection; Plain Edge, PCGS PR63 Cameo.

Spencer Collection George III Proof Half-Guinea Set

Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1762 171209 1762 P1/2 G PR63 1 1
Great Britain, Pattern Proof Gold 1/2 Guinea, WR 125, R4, Ex Selig Collection and more recently, Ex Terner. Dated 1762. By Yeo. George III, young laureate head. WR-125. DM-82. The style of the coin later made as S-3731 with exquisite, long curls beneath the king's bust. Plain edge. Extremely rare R4, A most lovely brilliant Proof. A major rarity in this series. PCGS PR-63 CAM. Finest Known. Ex Selig Collection, & Ex Terner (5-2003, lot 197.)
1764 164360 1764 1/2 G PR62 1 2
Great Britain 1/2 Guinea Proof / Pattern, WR 128, R5, Almost certainly Ex Douglas-Morris; Plain Edge, Gorgeous Rose Gold Color. “Pattern” PROOF Half Guinea, 1764. By Yeo. George III, laureate head. WR-128. DM-85 (possibly this coin). Plain edge. Extremely rare R5, and really lovely. Among the finest known, and one of only a few pieces known in all grades. PCGS PR-62. Provenance: Possible Ex Nobleman and Ex Captain Hewitt.
1775 168078 1775 P1/2 G PR64 1 1
Great Britain, Pattern Proof Gold 1/2 Guinea, WR 129, R3, Ex Terner, Finest Known, Plain Edge, Third Laureate Head, dated 1775. George III, 3rd Head. Type of S-3733. DM-87. This is a very rare (R3) Proof of Record showing the late bust of the king (portrait by Yeo) with long curls draped beneath the bust and a sort of melon-shaped head. Over the years, Terner acquired two of these proofs, one in PR63 and one in PR64, This is the best of the two and Finest Known. PCGS PR-64. Provenance: Ex Terner II (5/2004, lot 1207)
1787 1787 1/2 G