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Spencer Collection British Silver and Copper Type Set Victoria 1837-1901 #2 - 12th

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Spencer Collection British Silver and Copper Type Set Victoria 1837-1901 #2

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Crown Crown
Half Crown 1/2 Cr
Florin Florin
Double Florin Dbl Fl
Shilling Shil
Six Pence 204863 1865 6D MS65 3 1 249172
Great Britain, 6 Pence Victoria Dated 1865, Die # 11, KM#733.2, PCGS MS65.
Four Pence
Three Pence 204047 1897 3D Mdy PL66 7 3 14082
Great Britain, 3D from Victoria Maundy Set 1897, S3943, Old or Veiled Head, an exquisite set carefully graded by PCGS as follows: Penny, MS67; Twopence, MS67; Threepence, MS66; and Fourpence, MS65. A matched original set, each coin with semi-prooflike or highly reflective surfaces, and rich silvery golden iridescence and bluish hues. Wow, what a beautiful set! From the Exeter College Collection
Two Pence 2D Mdy
Silver Penny 1D Mdy
Copper Penny 202581 1887 1D MS64RB 12 4 447210
Great Britain, Victoria Penny Dated 1887, PCGS MS64RB, Lustrous piece with beautiful color, including toning in shades of dark purple and blue with a splash of green.
Half Penny 201460 1868 1/2D MS63RB 2 2 202478
Great Britain, Halfpenny Dated 1868. S.3956; KM-748.2. Victoria. Young head. PCGS graded MS-63 Red & Brown. Ex Goldberg Auction #74, June 2013, Lot 4648.
Three Half Pence 1 1/2D
Farthing 200580 1860 1/4D MS64RB 1 229118
Great Britain, Farthing Dated 1860, Toothed Border, PCGS MS64RB Tons of Red Remaining. Finest.
Half Farthing 1/2 Far
Third Farthing 1/3 Far
Quarter Farthing 1/4 Far