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Sunnywood II MS Shield Nickels - 4th

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About This Set: At its peak, the Sunnywood Collection included about one hundred fifty shield nickels, including many finest known and pop-top circulation strikes and proofs, as well as patterns and variety coins. In all of post-Bust coinage numismatics, the series of circulation strike Shield nickels is the richest in die varieties. Currently, the only varieties included in this PCGS Registry set are the 1866/1866, the 1873 Closed 3 and the 1883/2. (Both the FS-001 and FS-001.1 qualify as "1866/1866" coins at PCGS.) However, in addition to the varieties included here by PCGS, there are many other dramatic and fascinating treasures to be found in this series. Get out your Fivaz-Stanton "Cherrypicker's Guide" and take a look at the many amazing doubled die varieties pictured there. There's even a tripled die obverse (1876, FS-012) !!! Then there are the 1868 Reverse of '68 varieties. The different reverse dies on these coins tell a fascinating story of rapid hub deterioration. The 1868 Reverse of '68 should be a Redbook variety. Another coin that should be in the Redbook is the 1869 "tall date" (we prefer to call it "narrow date"). That's a date logotype variety, just as interesting as the design change in 1873 from Closed 3 to Open 3. There are also many widely repunched dates, overdates, misplaced digits, hub doublings and more to be found in this series. The Sunnywood Collection has specialized in mint state examples of prominent varieties, such as an 1871/1871 FS-006.5 in MS66, an 1876 FS-012 TDO in MS66, and a complete set of all four types of 1883/2 grading MS64 - MS67!!! Our collection includes several dozen high-grade certified examples of different Cherrypicker varieties, many of which are finest known examples. We encourage other collectors to explore this fun area of the hobby.

Sunnywood II MS Shield Nickels

Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1866 With Rays 3790 1866 5C MS66 55 4 564
1866/1866 With Rays 93790 1866/1866 5C MS64 4 2 136
In 1866, the Mint was coping with high demand for the new copper-nickel five-cent piece. The difficulty of striking the alloy led to a need for many dies, some of which were hastily and carelessly prepared. In particular, two obverse dies dated 1866 display spectacularly repunched dates: the FS-001, referred to by Breen as "18666" (pictured in the Redbook), and the FS-001.1, referred to by Breen as "11886666". The coin registered here is a beautiful early die state example of the latter variety, and is the finest known FS-001.1 in our opinion. (We also own the NGC MS65, but we consider this PCGS MS64 to be of superior quality.)
1867 With Rays 3791 1867 5C MS67 1 0 10
1867 No Rays 3794 1867 5C MS66 23 1 231
1868 3795 1868 5C MS66 36 7 377
Fresh sparkling satiny luster. This example has the reverse of 1867, but the stars are remarkably well defined for that hub. The Sunnywood Collection also includes a complete set of Reverse of 1868 nickels in mint state.
1869 3796 1869 5C MS66 18 1 181
Virtually flawless white coin, with the second ("wide date") logotype. We also own the solo finest certified NGC MS67, as well as both certified MS66 examples of the FS-005 "tall date" (first logotype).
1870 3797 1870 5C MS65 46 37 4637
In our opinion, 1870 is the most underrated date in the shield series, as it is tough both in proof and in mint state. We have nave never seen the two PCGS MS66 coins, but have owned most of the NGC MS66''s at one time or another. So we admit to buying this MS65 just to fill the slot!! It is a super-white lustrous coin.
1871 3798 1871 5C MS66 11 2 122
1872 3799 1872 5C MS66 30 5 325
1873 Open 3 3800 1873 5C MS66 9 3 93
Flawless white beauty. Very tough in MS66, the finest of three examples we have owned in that lofty grade (including both services).
1873 Closed 3 3801 1873 5C MS65 23 15 2515
1874 3803 1874 5C MS66 10 3 103
The nicest of four different PCGS MS66''s we have owned. At one point, Sunnywood had all but one of the 1874 MS66 coins at both services!!
1875 3804 1875 5C MS66 11 3 113
The nicest of several PCGS MS66''s we have owned, and a better date in all grades.
1876 3805 1876 5C MS66 16 2 162
1879 3808 1879 5C MS66 25 4 254
1880 3810 1880 5C AU58 2 24 224
As is typical of this issue, this coin has the Breen-2515 obverse, with prooflike fields. However, the strike, planchet condition and bagmarks help to identify the coin as a business strike.
1881 3811 1881 5C MS67 5 0 50
Stunning flawless white specimen. We bought this coin as NGC MS67 (at the time, it was Pop 1/0 at NGC and at 2/0 at PCGS). It is interesting to see how even 19th century coins continue to be "made" in high grade at the services. Still, this is the finest example we have encountered.
1882 3812 1882 5C MS67 8 0 80
1883 Shield 3813 1883 5C MS67 15 1 151
1883/2 Shield 3814 1883/2 5C MS66 4 41