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Legend Collection - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Legend Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1873 7031 1873 T$1 MS67 1 0 10
From the Rep. Hayes Collection of first year type. Amazing multicolor toning over swirling luster.
1873-CC 7032 1873-CC T$1 MS65 1 0 10
A completely original gem from the Vermeule collection. Full flowing luster is graced by warm golden toning. Fantastic!
1873-S 7033 1873-S T$1 MS66 1 0 10
A stunning coin! Dripping with luster, the fields are extremely clean - especially the reverse. The obverse has multicolored mottled toning that is very attractive in hand.
1874 7034 1874 T$1 MS67 1 0 10
Almost mark-free surfaces are visible through a light, original multicolored patina. Very lustrous for a Philadelphia coin.
1874-CC 7035 1874-CC T$1 MS66 1 0 10
Carter pedigree. Beautiful periphrial toning frames glowing golden surfaces. Absolutely riveting quality.
1874-S 7036 1874-S T$1 MS65 2 0 20
Satiny and nearly mark free. Well struck.
1875 7037 1875 T$1 MS68 1 0 10
Fairfield Pedigree. This is the famous Marc Emory coin as related in Bower''s Trade Dollar Encyclopedia. Utterly perfect surfaces covered by just the lightest original toning.
1875-CC 7038 1875-CC T$1 MS66 1 0 10
Carter Pedigree. The finest Carson City trade dollar in existance. Partially prooflike and cameod with original periphrial toning. Outstanding eye appeal!
1875-S 7039 1875-S T$1 MS68 1 0 10
Carter Pedigree. Absolutely amazing luster with superb toning. This is the most common date in high grade, but quality such as this is rare indeed.
1876 7041 1876 T$1 MS67 1 0 10
Yowza! Hands down the finest colored trade dollar in existance! Dripping with luster, the surfaces have only the slightest imperfections. The reverse is full MS69 quality.
1876-CC 7042 1876-CC T$1 MS65 1 0 10
Eliasberg Pedigree. The rarest trade dollar in mint state, with this being the only example graded above MS63. Completely original with a fabulous multicolored original patina covering glowing surfaces.
1876-S 7043 1876-S T$1 MS66 1 0 10
Eliasberg Pedigree. Lilac and grey toning over lustrous and clean surfaces. Extremely rare in true gem condition.
1877 7044 1877 T$1 MS66 2 0 20
A completely original superb gem example of a date that almost never comes fully struck.
1877-CC 7045 1877-CC T$1 MS66 1 0 10
An amazing coin. The dies clashed and were repolished prior to striking this glittering gem. Fully cameod and possessing lovely periphrial toning.
1877-S 7046 1877-S T$1 MS67 1 0 10
Satiny, original multicolored toning over perfect surfaces. Has the eye appeal of an even higher grade.
1878-CC 7047 1878-CC T$1 MS66 1 0 10
White and flashy, with a hint of periphrial toning. Full cartwheel luster. Very well struck, the clean surfaces have just a few tiny planchet flakes in the fields.
1878-S 7048 1878-S T$1 MS67 2 1 21
The finest of the Seattle hoard [25 blazing unc coins found in a safe deposit box in 1990]. Completely original with just a bit of periphrial toning. The luster stands up and does cartwheels!


Got to be the prettiest set in the Registry. Awesome!

Posted @ 11/3/2014 5:02 AM By AshevilleCollection