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1795 Mint Set with Gold

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This early six piece set predates both the Dime and the Quarter, but contains the two copper coins (Half Cent and Cent) and four silver coins; a Half Dime, Half Dollar and two Dollar coins; one of the earlier Flowing Hair style and the other introducing the Draped Bust design which over the next several years, would come to dominate American coin design for the next decade. The mint was rapidly ramping up operations this year to fill the coinage needs of the new nation, and mintage figures were relatively high for the period. As a consequence, there are no great rarities in the Copper and Silver set; the scarcest probably being the Draped Bust Dollar coin. But even that remains comparatively available and nice circs in the XF range can be had in the upper four-figure range. Above that, prices rise quickly, and high grade MS examples can reach a quarter million dollars or more. Gold coins made their debut this year, and both Half Eagles and Eagles were struck. Two Half Eagles appear in this set (Small and Large Eagle reverse) but it is widely believed the Large Eagle reverse was struck some years later. While the Large Eagle is considerably rarer, the price difference between the two is not all that great. The first Eagle, while not terribly rare and the subject of quite a few auction appearances, is nonetheless an expensive coin because of very high demand as the ideal representative of our first gold coinage. Mid to upper five figures in XF-AU and low to mid six figures in Mint State is the rule today.

Notes: This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

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1 William Dunham 100.00% 57.79 R 58.21 58.21
2 St. Jude 66.67% 54.19 54.19 47.42
3 The Norweb Family 88.89% 53.34 R 53.34 42.23
4 Garrett Collection 77.78% 55.20 R 55.20 34.50
5 halvesorbust 11.11% 35.00 35.00 02.92

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Current Finest

Rank Set Name % Complete GPA Weighted GPA with Top
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Set Rating
1 St. Jude 66.67% 54.19 54.19 47.42
2 halvesorbust 11.11% 35.00 35.00 02.92