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1829 Mint Set with Gold

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The 1829 Mint Set marked the return of the Half Dime after a nearly quarter century hiatus. Production of quarters was suspended this year, and would not return until 1831 when the new smaller-diameter planchet would be introduced. Fortunately for the collector, none of the 1829 Copper or Silver issues is particularly scarce so this is a set that can be completed without much difficulty. If you're looking for difficulty, include the gold. While the Quarter Eagle can be had for a price (mid five-figures to be sure) the Half Eagle is a major rarity. Even though originally struck in fairly high quantity (for the period) and in two varieties (large and small diameter), it is prohibitively rare in nearly all conditions due to nearly the entire mintage being exported and melted shortly after being struck. No circulated examples have been certified by PCGS, and only five Mint State pieces have been graded in 30 years. Opportunities to acquire one happen maybe once every decade or so, and currently would likely command a mid to upper six-figure price should one surface.

Notes: This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

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Set Rating
1 William Dunham 100.00% 62.00 R 62.00 62.00
2 Garrett Collection 100.00% 59.18 R 59.18 59.18
3 Louis Eliasberg 85.71% 61.86 R 62.00 39.45
4 The Norweb Family 85.71% 53.29 R 53.29 33.91
5 Vinny Kid 14.29% 35.00 35.00 03.18

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1 Vinny Kid 14.29% 35.00 35.00 03.18