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The Doan's SBA Proof Set - 206th

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About This Set: I selected the SBA set for the following reasons: First and foremost, my daughter and I researched and put together an exhibit for a local coin club/show. In the Mid 1800's she was for abolition of slavery, she was part of the women's right movement and women's labor organizations. She was a very strong lady with a great ability to inspire. This was a great bonding and learning experience between my daughter and I. The second reason for selecting this set was short mintage years which made it easy to collect and complete the proof set.

The Doan's SBA Proof Set

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1979-S TYPE 1 99589 1979-S SBA$1 PR69DC 12835 1271 128351271
Purchased a Proof Set from my Local Coin Show
1979-S TYPE 2 99590 1979-S SBA$1 PR68DC 712 5723 7165797
Purchased a Type 2 Proof Set from a Coin Shop in Southern Illinois
1980-S 99592 1980-S SBA$1 PR69DC 11584 1187 115841187
Purchased Proof set during a Coin show in Illinios
1981-S TYPE 1 99594 1981-S SBA$1 PR69DC 13541 1204 135411204
Purshased at Coin Show
1981-S TYPE 2 99595 1981-S SBA$1 PR68DC 1128 4139 11384165
Ebay auction
1999-P 99596 1999-P SBA$1 PR69DC 8514 853 8514853
US Mint Purshased